If you want to reduce muscle tension and soreness, a foam roller can be effective in easing your condition. It is a way of massaging yourself to relieve soreness, tightness, inflammation, and can enhance your joint of motion. Some people also prefer it for warm up sessions before the main workout. It functions best when putting your body part directly above the roller and rhythmically moving as you apply pressure on the muscle tissues.

Foam roller products

High density foam roller

High density types are designed with dense foam, which resists compression. They are significant for enabling more pressure to be exerted on parts with tightness and adhesion. This option is helpful for individuals that do not see results from soft foam rollers. Also, it is a type that stays in shape for longer for more effectiveness.

Ridged foam rollers

Foam rollers with patterns or varied textures like the ridged types have different pressure levels on the muscle tissues. The patterns increase pressure, thus elevating circulation. However, some patterns may cause excessive pressure that could cause discomfort.

Vibrating foam rollers

Some brands have digital foam rollers with an internal motor that produces oscillations. This product is a win win because you not only acquire pressure from the foam’s surface but also the vibrations, which develop a reflexive action on muscle fibers, lengthening them to lessen tightness.

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