Air Factory is one of the best CBD online stores. With its long production period, the company has mastered the art of producing only the best THC-free products. They take customer’s interests into consideration and so they strive to promote their health with natural products free of THC.

It is clearly stated on their website that Air Factory is a company that is fully dedicated to producing high-quality CBD products by utilizing only the finest ingredients. Air Factory’s specialty is promotion of wellness and health. On their website, there is an impressive variety of CBD flavors that you can easily choose from. These include e-liquids and tasty tinctures. In this brief review, we will cover everything from how to use CBD products from Air Factory, to the available products. We have also tried some products for you. This is because we wanted to put their claims to test. So sit back, stay calm, and let’s talk CBD.

About The Company

It may seem like we are having a new hunk in the block. But no. He has lasted in the market for a long time. We are just intrigued with his way of doing things. Air Factory prides itself as a company that is highly specialized in producing high quality and best CBD products using only the finest ingredients. They crown themselves for using hemp grown only in the U.S. The plant is well taken care of from seed to the final product. We don’t want to exhaust everything we were able to source from their “About” section. Still, we feel the urge to let you know why Air Factory is an outstanding CBD company. It is stated on their website that the company takes pleasure in promoting health, wellness, and wealth through their THC-free products. They think that they have all that it takes to provide something new on the CBD market. They produce their products in an ISO 7 certified facility. They also use high technology GMP labs to produce their CBD products.

Manufacturing Process

Air Factory CBD is a company that is specialized in producing only the best CBD products of high quality at an affordable price. They ensure that all their products right from the raw material to the final product are taken through testing. This is to ensure that you consume safe and high quality products. Before offering final products to clients, they are taken through rigorous testing by a third ISO-certified lab for purity approval. In addition, Air Factory’s formulation is taken through strict production and extraction process. This is only to ensure high quality and provision of detailed analysis certificate. Needless to say, their products can be fully trusted and their brands are top-notch. All these processes also ensures that Air Factory retains the important benefits of CBD that perfectly fits your everyday consumption.

Air Factory Reward Program

Air Factory just knew how better to keep their customers shopping. They have a unique reward program. This include rewarding you with a gift for every product you buy on the Air Factory CBD site. You are guaranteed one point for every single dollar you will spend. Once your points have accumulated to 20, they are converted to one dollar, which you can spend on the website.

CBD Discounts

At Air Factory, your money has all its worth. There are great discounts you can get when you shop from their site. From all the products that we ordered, we got a 30% discount. You can also save some coins. Veterans, teachers, students and first responders also have their special discount offers. Students need to be holders of ID to get the discounts.

Line of Products

Air Factory handles a wide line of products. We are happy with the products that they have to bring to the CBD market. What’s more, they are promising to launch new products in the near future. So, let’s cross our fingers and wait. Meanwhile, their line of products is vegan, natural, lab-tested, and are pure. The product line include CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD vape juice, and CBD capsules. Once you are on their website, you can easily do your shopping without confusion. They have grouped their products according to brand, salt nic, and purpose. This makes shopping comfortable and easy even for people who are not familiar with CBD products. Based on your health needs or product preference you directly place an order from the suggestions. Simply navigate their shopping section to align your shopping per your need.

Range of Products

To make this review more interesting, we decided to make some order for a few products and tried them for you. The shipping was so swift that we managed to receive our products withing 48 hours. The company strives to deliver their goods at your door before 48 hours can elapse. We were most interested in tinctures and more of them and tried them for you. We are going to review the following products:

Air Factory CBD Tincture Berry Rush – 30 ml

Air Factory CBD Tincture Blue Razz – 30 ml

Air Factory CBD Tincture Melon Lush – 30 ml

Air Factory CBD Tincture Mystery – 30 ml

Air Factory CBD Vape Juice Berry Rush – 30 ml

Air Factory CBD Vape Juice Melon Lush – 30 ml

Air Factory CBD Tincture Berry Rush

When we took a look at this product we were left thinking of the rush it can leave in our bodies. We ordered it all the same and we were happy with the intriguing results. It is advertised as an energy and relief product. We must admit that we were fully energized and much relieved. It is a mouth-watering gem that Air Factory has made with all love. On the one hand, the tincture will be loading your body with powerful plant compounds of different varieties from high quality hemp, and on the other hand, filling your mouth with the great rushing taste of berries. You can drop it under your tongue the whole day since it free of THC and full of flavor.

Air Factory CBD Tincture Berry Rush

It will be unfair if we couldn’t tell you how to enjoy the first drop. Once it’s below your tongue, close your eyes and listen to your tongue talking to your brain. This will make you enjoy the moment crowned by the wonderful taste of berries. You will be feeling it landing on your throat slowly, a refreshing and joyous moment. This product from the Air Factory comes in 30 ml bottles. The droppers are well calibrated helping you get the right dosage of CBD. Besides taking it orally, we also tried it on our vaping devices and it burnt really well. Just make sure to keep it in a cool dry place away from sunlight or heat.

Air Factory CBD Tincture Blue Razz

Air Factory CBD Tincture Blue Razz

Air Factory made a CBD tincture that has crowned itself as king of CBD tinctures. Blue Razz CBD tincture has an incredible flavor and impressive health benefits. Extracted using special methods, this tincture will give just more than you anticipated. Our tongues couldn’t just resist its sour yet sweet taste and a hint of fruity taste. You will be able to enjoy all these while your body is loaded with THC-free broad spectrum hemp with a variety of plant compounds. The brand we tried came in the strength of 500 mg. However, there are other strengths you can try for yourself. Blue raspberry is a bit tart, which will make you salivate with the first drop, while bringing back a lot of memories. The taffy flavor won’t just forgive your palate, and your taste buds will start cheering in joy. Exhaling it will leave you with a sugary sensation. It is affordable with the prices starting from $9.99 for 500 mg. We must also mention that it is free of THC and proudly made in the USA. To continue enjoying the great taste of blue raspberry, ensure to keep your product in a cool and dry place.

Air Factory CBD Tincture Melon Lush

Air Factory CBD Tincture Melon Lush

This hemp extract is marketed as a relax and relief CBD tincture. We got one with a strength of 500 mg in a bottle of 30 ml. They come in different sizes and strengths. If you have been looking for a way of treating your body with the right amount of CBD through tasty method, then you are home. Air Factory melon lush CBD got you what you need. Trying this product got us understanding why CBD tinctures from Air Factory are voted the best. The melon lush matches very well with hemp. You will enjoy all these features without a single trace of THC. You will get relaxed and relieved with this broad-spectrum CBD extract and at the same time quenching your thirst. What more will your palate be able to do apart from jumping in joy! The flavor of Melon Lush CBD tincture can be likened to that of honeydew. The sleek and great taste of watermelon can even change your mood from worse to best. Finally, all your senses – five of them – will be awakened by the great sugary taste in this tincture. Always ensure to have the right dosage of CBD. It is usually recommended you take 1 to 2 drops per day, but if you feel the need to go beyond, you can take as much as you want.

Air Factory CBD Vape Juice Berry Rush

We also had to try this legendary taffy e-liquid. Air Factory finally matched their renowned formulas with the great broad-spectrum hemp extract. Soon, this CBD vape juice will become one of the best hitting e-liquids. This is due to its great taste and wonderful levels of concentration. Even at its highest quality, the vaping juice still is free of THC and has a great flavor that will give your taste buds an incredible treat they deserve. Made with ripe fruits, you will be able to inhale great amount of tartness. Berry Rush CBD Vape Juice has two primary flavors – candy and berry. They come in a bottle size of 30 ml. It is also free of THC so you will be able to vape it all day without any fear. People below the age of 18 years should not use this product. Pregnant women should also avoid it.

Air Factory CBD Vape Juice Berry Rush

What We Like About Air Factory CBD

Apart from marketing their products, the company focuses on teaching the CBD community of the health benefits of hemp-based products. We are also pleased with their offers for customers, including referral rewards and discounts.

What We Don’t Love About Air Factory CBD

We would be pleased if the company could include flavorless options for more products.

Overall Verdict

We are thrilled with the top-notch technology used by Air Factory to extract hemp for their products. Their website is easy to navigate and you can comfortably do your shopping by choosing products according to your needs. You can also choose from different flavors, including berry and melon.

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