Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been used for many purposes, and many fans use its CBD oil for pain. This article explores CBD oil, whether they can treat pain, how to find the best for pain, and shares a list of the top 5 CBD oils, you must not leave out.

As CBD studies appreciate what the cannabinoid can offer, fans find many applications of CBD, and some use its oil for pain. Yet, there is insufficient evidence to prove that CBD can treat or cure pain, but most fans opt for it to manage pain anyway. Are you set to try out CBD oil for pain? Be prepared since the search is not easy. Many CBD brands present the benefits of having many options to tap into, but it is challenging since choosing the best among the masses is not easy. What is CBD, and how does it differ from CBD oil? Can CBD oil help treat or cure your pain? How do you identify the best CBD oil from the masses? Keep reading this article to find the answer to these questions. Before then, let’s the top 5 CBD oils you must try in 2022.

Just CBD Oil

JustCBD is one of the veteran CBD companies with the best quality CBD products. Starting in 2017, the company boasts 5 years in the hemp space, which is relatively long since most brands were only launched after passing the 2018 Farm Bill 2018. Are you looking for quality cannabidiol-based oil for pain? It offers some of the best; hence you must not leave it out. Its 1,500 mg CBD concentrated CBD oil allows you to enjoy 30 servings, each 50 mg CBD concentrated, which is potent enough to achieve the expected CBD results. Besides, the oils are based on MCT coconut or hemp seed oils, allowing maximum bioavailability and quick results. The US-based CBD company sources its hemp from the US, assuring you of the quality of the final products. The site mentions that its CBD tinctures and oils are the best for unwinding and relaxing; hence many CBD fans opt for them to relieve body pains, discomfort, and mental issues. You can add CBD oil drops to your meals and drinks, although JustCBD recommends taking the oils sublingually for fast effects. The CBD oils are prepared in a GMP-certified facility, tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online for easy viewing.

Vida Optima Vitality 1,500 mg CBD Oil

Vida Optima is a US-based CBD company whose name translates to an optimal life. It was launched by two friends who felt the cannabis benefits and thought a cannabis line would be great for people needing CBD. The brand is based in San Diego and is one of the best CBD dealers in California. It offers different CBD products in the Vitality and Dream lines. Its Vitality CBD oils may help you manage pain, and many CBD fans are already using them for this. The brand offers several CBD oils, but the 1,500 mg concentrated Vitality CBD oil is great for pain. Featuring 1,500 mg CBD in a 30 ml bottle, the oil offers 30 servings, each 50 mg CBD potent, ideal for quick and long-lasting CBD effects. Besides, the oils feature zinc and vitamins B12 & D3, a combination translating to endurance, immune protection, and balance in the human body. Depending on your interests, you can enjoy these oils in natural or tangerine flavors. Vida Optima is committed to improving its clients’ overall health in line with its name. Besides, it provides avenues to save a few bucks for every purchase, and you can buy its CBD oils to benefit from them.

SundayScaries 500 mg CBD Oil + Vitamins

Are you scared of Sundays? SundayScaries CBD products are specially formulated for you. CBD fans use the brand’s products for many things, including pain management. For instance, its 500 mg CBD oil, although not quite potent, has long been used to manage pain. According to the SundayScaries official website, CBD oils have vitamins B12 and D3 for bone, blood, and teeth health, adding to their suitability for managing pain. Each CBD oil dropper is about 15 mg, ideal for CBD newcomers who are not yet used to the cannabinoid. Like CBD oils in this blog, you can add SundayScaries CBD oil drops to meals & drinks or ingest them directly by putting them on or below the tongue for fast effects. As you take this brand’s CBD oils for pain, rest assured of their quality. They are made with US hemp, are kosher-certified, and tested by 3rd parties for quality. Besides, the hemp is USDA-certified organic and processed in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

Pure Hemp Botanicals 1,500 mg CBD Oil

Pure Hemp Botanicals has ‘Compassion in Action’ as its mantra, ethos, and philosophy. It deals in quality CBD products, and many fans opt for its CBD oil to manage pain. Are you a vegan? You will be impressed by the brand’s 100% vegan, all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free CBD oils. The brand aims to be sustainable in action as it helps people find remedies in cannabis and nature. Why are its CBD oils among the best for pain? The brand mentions on its official website that CBD oils are formulated to promote wellness and general health and ease discomfort and health issues. While the oil’s efficacy for pain has not been confirmed, studies like Vučković et al. (2018) noted that CBD could reduce chronic and acute pain. Moreover, the Pure Hemp CBD oils allow fast effects but are also long-lasting, making them more than ideal for chronic pains. The site advises putting drops of CBD oil below or on the tongue, but you can also add them to meals and drinks. Pure Hemp CBD oils feature many potencies, including the 1,500 mg CBD concentration for pain. It translates to 50 mg CBD per serving, ideal for quick and long-lasting effects.

Go Hemp 1,000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Buying CBD products from brands that uphold quality and follow the latest 2018 farm Bill requirements makes you feel at peace. That is what Go Hemp, one of the US-based CBD companies, guarantees. Hence, it is one of the best brands whose CBD oil you may want to try. Go Hemp CBD oil are specially formulated to help you improve overall well-being, and some users take them for pain. They are high-quality and offer true value for your hard-earned cash. It also offers samples of the CBD oil, helping CBD newcomers rest assured of the oils before opting for them. The brand also deals in quality CBD soft gels, capsules, roll-ons, and chewing gums, which many fans use to manage pain. We appreciate how Go Hemp is committed to producing quality products since it tests the CBD oils and other items in the inventory and offers the results for easy viewing. With many studies emphasizing natural alternatives, you may find Go Hemp CBD oils ideal since they are 100% all-natural, organic, and vegan.

Introducing CBD

Since CBD is the parent compound in CBD oil, you need to know what CBD is, especially if you are new to CBD. CBD is readily available in states that consider it fully legal, but not everyone knows what it is. According to Mascal et al. (2019) and Kicman & Toczek (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Cannabinoids refer to the active chemical compounds in cannabis, but CBD is widely extracted from hemp. Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD has become popular, and you can easily find it. You can enjoy it through ingestion and inhalation, but CBD topicals are equally available for application on the skin. Such include CBD massage oils and creams, which you apply to the skin like Olio Lusso’s lip balm and other topicals. Ultimately, you must choose your preferred CBD delivery method after weighing the pros and cons of each route you want to go.

CBD and Pain: How Do They Relate?

This blog focuses on the best CBD oil for pain as recommended by Dr. Geigaite. Would you like to try them for pain? You certainly care to know if CBD can be effective for pain. Admittedly, CBD research is in infancy, and there is insufficient evidence to prove that the cannabinoid will treat or cure your pain. However, early studies believe in the CBD potential, revealing that the cannabinoid may help you reduce pain. For instance, Vučković et al. (2018) reported that CBD could help with fibromyalgia, cancer, and neuropathic pains, but more studies are needed to prove the research true. Besides, Shannon et al. (2019) found CBD good for anxiety, sleep issues, and pain, and more fans tap into this for using CBD to manage pain. Still, using CBD for pain is a personal choice. What is CBD oil?

What Is CBD Oil?

Before spending a penny on CBD oil, you must see it for what it truly is. Watt & Karl (2017) reported that CBD is therapeutic, and many fans opt for it to gain from this therapy. Yet, human cells cannot absorb CBD as a compound. It is no wonder that CBD is not sold as a compound but alongside other compounds, making CBD delivery methods. CBD oil is one of the CBD delivery methods with oils as the base carrier. CBD oils feature MCT coconut, hemp seed, olive, or avocado oils as the base and are the primary way to enjoy CBD effects. You can put the CBD oil drops on or below your tongue to feel CBD effects, the latter (sublingual intake) being more effective since the blood vessels below the tongue allow the cannabinoid to join the bloodstream fast. Alternatively, you may want to add CBD oil drops to meals and drinks to enjoy the oil without the bitterness you would feel if the oil comes into direct contact with the tongue. As CBD research reveals more about CBD oil, more users are embracing CBD oil as a key delivery method.

Properties of Good CBD Oils

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, more CBD brands are opening up, and hundreds if not thousands of companies are currently dealing in CBD oil. Thus, finding the best CBD oil is not easy. In ranking the 5 CBD oils above as the best, Dr. Geigaite looked at the following factors, which you may also find helpful in your quest for the best CBD oil for pain;

  1. Reputation; take time to review CBD commentaries about a brand before committing to buying CBD oil from it. You can read through the brand’s official website,
  2. 3rfd party tests; since the CBD market is largely unregulated, the only way to prove the quality of the CBD oil you are buying is to look up the oil’s 3rd party test results.
  3. THC percentage; the Farm Bill considers hemp with less than 0.3% THC as federally legal, and any derivative or product whose THC percentage exceeds this threshold is regarded as illegal. Ensure the CBD oil you are about to buy has this much THC or less.
  4. Purpose; most brands specify what CBD oil is best for; pain, sleep, inflammation, etc.; ensure the CBD oil you want to buy for pan is formulated for pain management.
  5. Accuracy; compare the 3rd party test results with what is indicated on the labels to see if they tie. A deviation greater than 10% is a red flag.
  6. Source of CBD; most cannabis plants have CBD as one of the cannabinoids, but brands that abide by the 2018 Farm Bill requirements ensure they source CBD from hemp with less than 0.3% THC.
  7. Source of hemp; CBD source being hemp is not enough. You must ensure that the CBD brand in question sources its hemp from a reputable source. Everything from the region to the soil quality matters since it affects the final quality of the CBD oil.
  8. Transparency; ensure the CBD brand from which you want to buy CBD oil is transparent and provides enough information.
  9. The extraction method used to strip CBD from hemp surface is also key, determining how pure the CBD oil will be.
  10. Contaminant purity; read through the 3rd party test results and ensure that the oil does not have solvents, organic matter, and other standard contaminants.

How Do You Take CBD Oils?

Are you set to take CBD oil for pain? You certainly care to know how best you can do so to get the most from the oil. CBD oil is multi-dimensional in intake; you can ingest it directly or indirectly, depending on your most comfortable decision. The primary way to explore CBD benefits is to administer the oil drops orally or sublingually, in which you put the drops on or below the tongue. Putting the oil drops below the tongue ensures the blood vessels below the tongue get CBD to the bloodstream fast, allowing for quick results. While this is effective, it allows your tongue to come into direct contact with the tongue. If you find the oil bitter, you can incorporate it into meals and drinks, allowing you to feel the effects without CBD bitterness.

Can You Use CBD Oil for Topical Application to Manage Pain?

Besides oral and sublingual intakes of CBD oil or adding its drops to meals, some fans wonder if they can apply the oil to the skin, also called CBD topical application. Of course, you can use CBD oil on the skin if you choose to. Still, the biggest question is how effective this can be. CBD oil is formulated for ingestion or sublingual intake, and the chances of it becoming less effective when applied to the skin are higher. If you want CBD for the skin, you’d better go for CBD topicals like creams, massage oils, balms, and patches.

CBD Oil and the High Effect

Before trying CBD oil, you may have many questions, including whether it makes you high. What causes one to feel high? According to Schlienz et al. (2018), THC is psychoactive and has high effects. Meanwhile, Bauer et al. (2020) noted that CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make you high. While CBD oil will not make you high, its THC percentage is key in determining how you feel after taking it. The more the THC in the CBD oil, the higher the chances of feeling high. Thankfully, CBD brands are required by the law to ensure the THC content in CBD products is less than 0.3% per dry weight, so you can rest assured of it not making you high. The same is true of drug tests; CBD may or may not make you pass drug tests, depending on the THC percentage. The higher the THC in the CBD product and the more you take CBD oil, the higher the chances of feeling high.


Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound or cannabinoid in cannabis plants like hemp. Early studies show that CBD oil can help with pain, and CBD fans opt for CBD oil to reduce acute and chronic pains. Selecting the best CBD oil is not easy with the many CBD brands in the hemp space. Thankfully, this article sheds light on what to consider in buying CBD oil and highlights the top CBD oils for you. Besides, it helps you know CBD oil, how to take it, and related topics.


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