A brain loop can be described as a reoccurring thought loop, which is accompanied by motives and fears. Most individuals struggle with such thoughts without an idea of how to manage because they may be imaginary or real, but one cannot just get over them. Well, in psychology, looping thoughts may arise in people with obsessive compulsive disorder or anxiety. Looping thoughts do not end because an individual consoles themselves that they will not think about it. But the obsession over eliminating the thought only increases fear, thus bringing it back. I usually tell my clients to avoid this problem by being positive about the thought. Other ways to overcome a brain loop include;

Shift your focus

Are you getting drained by a looping thought? I recommend changing to an activity that expends more brain power. It should be one that require more concentration, including watching an educative program, reading, or thorough cleaning the house.

Share your thoughts

If you have a confidant or trusted friend, why not tell them what is disturbing you? Pouring the thought can diminish its impact in your brain. This way, you can gain power over it, and by sharing, you may be surprised by how most people have varied strange thoughts or distressing situations beyond your imagination.

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