Are certain drinks better for eyesight than others?

Of course, yes. Drinks for great eyesight include orange juice, lemon juice, and pure water. Conversely, drinks like alcohol, carbonated, and energy drinks can harm your eyesight.
Are certain foods better for eyesight than others?

Definitely, yes. The food you ingest directly impacts your blood vessels and heart and can have prolonged effects on your vision and general health. Better foods include, leafy vegetables, eggs, tuna, oranges, and oysters, whereas bad ones; processed foods, fried foods, and margarine.

Are there certain food/drinks you should avoid?

They include;

Processed meats

Meats, such as, bacon and hot dogs contain a lot of sodium, which can cause high blood pressure. The eyes may experience neuropathy condition, which entails blocked blood that can cause vision loss or hypertensive retinopathy that results in blurred vision.

Fried meals

If you eat fried foods, especially in fats linked to LDL, the cholesterol could cause stroke or diabetes. You also increase free radicals in your system that kill cells, potentially causing eye illnesses, such as, diabetic retinopathy.

What are some other tips for maintaining eye health?

I recommend;

Eating healthily
Healthy eating involves a balanced diet filled with enough fruits and vegetables, such as, spinach, collard greens, and kales. Also, include fish; tuna and salmon for good eyesight as recommended by researchers.

Regular exercise
Research shows that more active kids have better weight that nonnative ones. Exercise helps maintain a healthier weight that keeps diabetes at bay, which helps reduce the risk of vison problems.

Avoid germs in the eyes
I recommend limiting eye-scratching or ensuring your hands are thoroughly washed before touching the eyes or lenses to avoid possible contamination in the eyes.

What are some of the first signs you could have a problem with your eyes?

If you see the following signs, please see a doctor for more intervention;
• Iris color change
• Dry and itching eyes
• Eye pain
• A popping bump in the eyelid
• Blurred vision
• A dark spot at the eye’s center

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