Unlike most CBD companies, Cannabidiol Life has provided ample information about itself and general information about its manufacturing practices. In the most analysis we have done, we have encountered a challenge with getting credible information since the company hasn’t offered adequate information, but that is not the case for Cannabidiol Life. Almost every important part that needs elaboration has been allocated a page on its own with sufficient information. Besides, the company has obtained various partnerships with other important companies to spread the wide use of CBD brands. It also offers educational tutorials not only on its trademark but CBD in general. Before its team of directors joined hands established the company, they all had a common agenda of transparency commitment that most CBD companies have failed. To get insight into the company and its operations, keep reading our analysis, for it has captured all important details about the company.

About the company

Customer priority was the number one key agenda since the company opened its doors for operations on the first day. Before even the company had brought its first product in the market, it committed itself to offering educational tutorials and using any relevant platform that could help keep people informed on the relevance of CBD. For 11 months, Cannabidiol Life sidelined profit interest and instead focused on educating CBD users. Also, during this time, they were conducting research on CBD and came up with 115 pages of educational pages on CBD: which enables it to take pride in the best CBD company that offers all-in-one CBD scholastic websites across the world. To break down the number of pages, 52 pages are on the general health condition of CBD, 50 pages on specific state laws of CBD, and 13 on product guidelines.

Cannabidiol Life was established on December 7, 2016, by Christopher Visser,who had the agenda of offering the best CBD products based on transparency. The company launched its first product on October 15, 2017: CBD Gummy Bears, its best product. Since it launched the first products, it has shipped over up to 50 000 products across the US. The brand received a National Hemp Association award because of its commitment is educating more people about CBD and products guidelines in general in 2017.

Consequently, in 2018, CBD capsules were voted to the product by nationwide, making them receive their second award. In addition, the brand also attended the World CBD Awards that was held in Spain in 2019 because of the following nominations; best CBD oil, edibles, pet products and innovations. In 2020, the company became the 2nd CBD brand based in the USA to register with the Brazilian Government to sell its oil products. Lastly, in 2021, their trademark was the first among other CBD brands to register with h Peruvian Government.

Cannabidiol Life has its unique way of running its operation, which is interesting. According to their website, they are driven by 3 P’s.

P- People



The company has sworn to use CBD products to protect the planet before their profit interests.

The brand has set aside a purpose and promise to its customers and has committed itself to ensure it achieves them. Although it champions traditional medicine to offer a natural solution in bettering human health, it insists on research. It calls on CBD companies and other health sectors interested in offering natural treatment to conduct proper research on bringing the herbs to play. Their site has been designed to give a vivid example of satisfaction guarantee in not only its products but all its operations, including a money-back guarantee. Another unique aspect about the brand is how it appreciates all its customers for considering using its products, especially now, when the CBD market has become competitive.

Lastly, the brand has offered multiple ways of reaching its customer support team. Apart from offering their official email address and phone number, they have also committed a contact information page. It has several physical addresses on its conduct page and various emails such as supply, shipment, and chatbox. Notably, we noticed that the chat box is robotic, making it difficult to obtain more accurate information. We would advise anyone who would seek guidance or clarification to contact them by either email or phone number, which is active within working hours. Their support team is professional and knowledgeable about its brand and CBD general information.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company has performed excellently when it comes to offering information about its establishment, people running it and what makes it better in the market, it has doesn’t offer the same on its manufacturing process. The company insists on using premium hemp extracts which are certified by USDA, to manufacture its products. Unfortunately, it does not give the specific farm where it sources its hemp like most CBD companies do, which is a great takeaway, especially when its main objective is transparent. However, it states that all its hemp is grown within US farms.

To ensure they offer the finest products, they have their eyes and hands on their hemp products right from farming until they get to every household. The company only uses organically grown hemp to ensure they offer the finest products in the CBD market. Besides, the company is also committed to protocols and best practices to meet safety and quality standards.

The company uses a unique extraction method that can yield a higher percentage of cannabinoids than CO2 for all its products. The extraction technology used is known aspatent, which is regarded as standard by the company. However, more information about the method has not been given.

Range of Products

Cannabidiol Life offers one of the most extensive CBD line of products compared to other brands. However, to make it easier for its customers to get their preferences, they have separated them into various categories; ingests, apply, inhale and CBD for pets.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Ingest

All their ingestible products are manufactured to suit both avid and new CBD users. For customers looking for best selling CBD formulas manufactured from the hemp plant, then Cannabidiol Life would be the most preferred place to shop their products. The ingestible products manufactured include; CBD oils, gummies, capsules, CBG, CBN, isolates and edibles. Most of these products have been voted for as one of the most effective products. Also, checking under their product review page, most of its customers have found the products effective and of high quality compared to previous brands they have been using.

Cannabidiol Life apply products

CBD Cannabidiol Life apply products are designed to address external well-being. If you have skin discomfort or wish your skin to look brighter, you can get some products from the brand. Some of the skincare products are made with natural hemp plus other essential naturally existing herbs, which have been adequately researched to ensure they are safe and at the same time effective. Some of the products we were able to capture include CBD topicals and CBD baths.

Cannabidiol Life CBD inhale

For their inhale products, they include CBD wax, vaping, dabbing, and other smoking or inhalable products that suit the unique needs of their customers. In addition, these products contain high CBD concentrations to make them effective and contain zero or manageable amounts of THC (below 0.03%). The inhales include CBD cigarettes, crystals, pre-rolls, vape and wax dabs.  Additionally, all these products have positive reviews dominating under their review page compared to the negative ones.

Cannabidiol Life CBD for pets

All pets need to be treated with a lot of care and love. To promote your pet’s well-being, Cannabidiol Life CBD offers natural pet products for dogs and cats. Their pet products are designed to encourage daily natural health of your pet, reduce stress levels, address uneasiness feeling, and other environmental factors that might affect the peace of mind and the general being of your pet.

What we like about the Company

The fascinating thing about Cannabidiol Life has committed itself to ensuring that it is transparent to its customers and other interested parties who need to get relevant information about it. As we were going through its website, we got adequate information about its founder and the board of directors who aid in its operations. It has also provided enough information and means to conduct their support team if you do any consultation or need any guidance. Additionally, the brand offers adequate information about THC, CBD, and how to use the products to enhance quick effectiveness under each product. Lastly, Cannabidiol Life has committed itself toprovide educative tutorials to improve people’s understanding of CBD products.

What we don’t like about the Company

Although the company claims to uphold transparency levels, it has failed in some areas. We went through every part of its website, but we could not find information on where they source their hemp. Most companies who offer quality products or are committed to offering transparent details state where they get their hemp. According to multiple products we have analyzed so far, quality hemp comes from either Oregon or Colorado in the US. Another shortcoming that the brand has is its inability to offer free shipping, unlike most brands performing well within the CBD market. Incorporating that with various customers would attract more customers due to the friendly terms.


According to the review we have conducted on the CBD brand, we would call upon more CBD users to buy CBD products from this trademark. They are committed to ensuring all CBD users get relevant information concerning the effectiveness of CBD products and the role they play in the human body. Consequently, it is committed to upholding transparency levels from the company’s foundation until its products get to each household. With most CBD brands coming to play, quality and transparency levels have been undermined, and on the other hand, Cannabidiol Life brings hope that CBD companies can come out clearly on operations they undertake. Besides transparency, they are also committed to offering the finest products. Lastly, although most issues have been well-catered for, a few things ought to be addressed. The company should include offers and free shipping policies to encourage more CBD buyers to consider their trademark.

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