Conditions That Cause Foul Smelling Urine

Type 2 Diabetes

 If left untreated, type 2 diabetes can lead to consistently high blood glucose levels. When your blood sugar stays up for a prolonged period, it will start “rotting”. By rotting, I mean the body will start breaking it into ketones. Again, the body does not need high ketone levels. It will use some to break down glucose into energy and eliminate excess ketones and glucose through urine. This can lead to urine with a sweet or fruity smell.

Liver Damage

If your liver is not working properly, the serum ammonia levels in your blood can become dangerously high. When excess ammonia is eliminated through urine, you can experience foul-smelling urine. Excess ammonia in the bloodstream can also lead to dark urine.


Cystitis occurs when bad bacteria accumulate in the bladder, making it inflamed. When there is little or no good bacteria to maintain balance in your bladder, urine colour and odour might change. In most cases, the urine might smell like sulfur.

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