Don Polly is one of the best CBD brands in the CBD market. They pride themselves in making only the best full-spectrum hemp extract free of THC. They claim to have extensive experience in handling hemp and they believe that every product they make is of the highest quality.

Don Polly has been in the market for more than a decade and is continuously making the best CBD products of consistent taste and quality. For example, the company makes both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum topicals to help boost performance, recovery, and everyday wellness. Like any other company, Don Polly started with only a few products. As we speak, the company has widened its product line to include CBD topicals and tinctures. They come in different strengths and flavors. This is a review of Don Polly and we will discuss everything about this company from how it manufactures its hemp to us trying a few of their products. We hope that will help you have all the reasons to spend your money on them.

About Don Polly

For you to select and have the best CBD product, you need to be familiar with a certain company. Indeed, CBD has increasingly become popular in the health and wellness industry. Many companies have also emerged to bring their products into the market – and all of them claim to be making only the best CBD products. It can thus be easy to get so much inclined to try one brand when you have been informed about it. Keep in mind that not all CBD products are made equal and getting to know more about a particular brand is a real save of money.

Don Polly’s founders claim that they are grounded in wellness. Before their journey towards a sound mind and body, one of the co-founders struggled with a life of drug addiction. He thought that his environment and surroundings were the problems and so he moved from Ohio to California to seek a healthy and sober life. In California, he realized that the environment had nothing to do with his health. He was the problem, and his problem moved him to make changes. He established a healthier habit and even people around him noticed the changes and became attracted to his sober lifestyle. One person after another, the network grew to become the Don Polly we see today. They claim that they entered the health and wellness industry to change lives by helping people incorporate healthy alternatives and creative methods into their everyday lives. They have expanded on this approach to balance by engineering unparalleled CBD products that you can use daily to achieve noticeable changes in your life.

Don Polly has won several awards, including the Purity Award and Best Tincture Award. They have also been featured in Forbes, L.A Weekly, Entrepreneur, Medium, Brobile, and USA Today.

Process of Manufacturing

Companies that handle things that people ingest or put into their bodies know that it is important to use only the purest and cleanest ingredients to make their products. That is what Don Polly does – right from its inception. The company wants you to enjoy the purest plant extracts, including revered herbs, adaptogens, and superfoods. Don Polly handles their products – from raw materials to finished products with utmost care. Their hemp is cultivated from Mother Earth in fertile farms in the state of Colorado. This is a land that has everything that hemp needs to get to its very best – talk of abundant sunshine, water, and fertile soil. This means that from seed to the tincture or topical, Don Polly uses the same strain and family of hemp plants so as to craft consistent and reliable products, all the time.

Don Polly claim that they don’t want to compromise quality during the process of manufacturing hemp. That is why they use a USDA certified Organic patented air extraction – a distinguished method to craft their full spectrum products by application of heated air. This method employs solvent-free extraction process to create the cleanest CBD products on the market today. This process works by distilling phytocannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from hemp plant via heated air and pressure. This leaves no chance for chemical exposure to the hemp at any manufacturing stage, resulting in a rich, unadulterated extract with natural flavor. Finished products are then sent to a trusted third-party lab for rigorous testing. This means that their products are free of solvents, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, mildew, and parabens. They post Certificate of Analysis on every product.

What Sets Don Polly Apart

Don Polly strongly believe that they have all the reasons to be the best CBD company – the one and only you can trust. Here are a few reasons we gathered for you:

Healthy Farm – Don Polly supports non-chemical farming practices. This means that from seeds to the mature hemp, no pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms are used to tend to the plants. The company claims to use only one farm per batch to extract their CBD products.

Consistency – Many companies will create the “best” products, yes, but overtime, their taste or even look may differ. That is not the case with Don Polly. They are a company that is dedicated to maintaining consistency throughout the manufacturing process. You will always get the beneficial cannabinoid and terpenes – with the same look, taste, and scent!

Quality and Results – Because Don Polly is committed to consistency and quality, you are assured of constant results. You purchase one product today and you will get the same beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes in the same bottle as you will 12 months from now.

Award Winning – Don Polly has won purity award and best tincture award. The company takes responsibility for your wellness as they do their own. As a matter of fact, they conduct rigorous testing at every step of production, from harvest, through extraction, to the final product. In as much as their products are not tested on animals, Don Polly ensures that they are pure. This means that you can feel confident that whatever product from this company you are ingesting is highly effective and extremely safe.

Line of Products

Compared to many CBD brands, Don Polly has limited product line. Precisely, they deal with CBD tinctures, gummies, and topicals. We are not interested in this, but in the time they have invested to create their products. The thought and care that has gone into crafting these products intrigued us. In fact, we have tried some of their products as you will see in the next section. All their products are meticulously crafted and have smooth natural flavor.

Range of Products

To make this review more informing and interesting, we decided to order some products and try them for you. If you don’t trust the company, then at least you can trust us. The ordering procedure went smoothly and we got our products on the second day. We didn’t hesitate to carry out the tests and we must admit that the results were amazing. We tried the gummies because tinctures and topicals were out of stock. Here are the products we tried:

  • Don Polly CBD Energy Taffy – 50 mg
  • Don Polly CBD Goodnight Taffy – 50 mg
  • Don Polly CBD Balance Taffy – 50 mg

Don Polly CBD Energy Taffy – 50 mg

Don Polly CBD Energy Taffy – 50 mg

Energy Taffies are a perfect way to revitalize your mind and body for any activity lying ahead. This taffy packed sweet burst of cherry on our palate and we realized that it was the exact tool – a powerful one – that our mind and body needed. So, for whichever activity that lies ahead, heavy or light, you can build your resilience with this blend of teacrine, i-theanine, and caffeine. It will boost your energy and focus without the possibility of psychoactive effects. It is made with full-spectrum hemp extract, 50 mg CBD, and 0.3% THC.

Don Polly CBD Goodnight Taffy – 50 mg

Don Polly CBD Goodnight Taffy – 50 mg

If you have been having trouble sleeping, this taffy will help calm your mind a slip into deep sleep. The perfect way to say goodbye to tossing and turning at night. With a punch of fruit flavor, Goodnight taffy will easily help you sleep. Every ingredient performs it function – passion flower brings the sense of tranquility while melatonin together with amino acids, l-theanine, and l-tryptophan gets you sleeping and help balance your sleep and wake cycle. It contains 50 mg CBD and 0.3% THC. Eat one taffy before bed or when you are home for the night. The exact serving size is 1 taffy which equals 50 mg of CBD. However, this may change depending on your body type and prior use of CBD. Active ingredients include 50 mg full-spectrum hemp extract, L-theanine, passionflower, L-tryptophan, melatonin, and 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (5-HTP). One packet comes with 30 taffies and sold at $100.53.

Don Polly CBD Balance Taffy – 50 mg

If your day is roughed up and responsibilities weighing heavily on your shoulders, you got to grab Balance Taffy from Don Polly. It helped us relax and took it easy throughout the day. That is exactly balance. You will no longer sweat the small stuff. This product contains caffeine, taurine, nootropics, l-theanine, and a kick of citrus, which will help you remain composed continuously in most stressful moments. You will balance your mind and body. It is created with full-spectrum hemp extract, including 50 mg of CBD and 0.3% of THC.

Don Polly CBD Balance Taffy – 50 mg

What We Like About Don Polly

The company takes seriously the health and wellness interest of their current customers and prospects. We therefore, like the efficacy and safety of each and every single product they create. All their products can be trusted as they have been thoroughly tested by a third-party lab. We got all the benefits of cannabinoids and important terpenes without getting “high.” Don Polly is a company that really stands by its words.

What We Don’t Like About Don Polly

Don Polly is a big company yet it does not have an official website. They don’t have a definitive support contact or email address that can be used to reach them. They also don’t ship to other states in North America. The company also charges their products high yet what the products deliver does not match the price.

Our Overall Verdict

Don Polly is master of CBD, meticulously crafting their products with care and love. All their products are lab-tested and contains undetectable levels of THC. You will get all the benefits of CBD and terpenes without psychoactive effects. Don’t wait, buy one coz we have already tried a few for you.

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