Peach Melba constitutes vanilla ice cream, raspberry jam, and peaches. Mostly, the vanilla syrup is infused with peaches and served with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. Adding cannabidiol compound to this recipe is significant since the nutritional value of desserts increases. This blog guides on cooking Peach Melba dessert recipes with cannabidiol.

Peach Melba desserts are delicious and simple to prepare. For instance, tangy peaches are consumed with rich and delicious raspberry sauce. This recipe represents a standard French pudding constituting fresh cream, peaches, and raspberries. Everyone desires to improve the nutritional value of daily delicacies. Cannabidiol (CBD), an active hemp essential compound, is used in many recipes. It constitutes several health benefits, suitable for incorporating into Peach Melba dessert recipe. Consumers will reap therapeutic benefits while enjoying the amazing dessert experience. This quick and delicious dessert recipe is excellent for sharing and making. Learn how to cook Peach Melba dessert with cannabidiol.

What is Peach Melba?

Beizer (2016) revealed that Peach Melba is vanilla ice cream shared alongside raspberry sauce and peaches. One should have one bottle of fresh raspberries, frozen peaches, a lil lemon juice splash, freshly scraped vanilla bean, or vanilla paste to transform the flavor into frost. One can incorporate some agave nectar or honey to increase sweetness, although it is optional. Whirl these ingredients in a blender at high speed. This introduces you to the incredibly sweet delicious froze. Most people own blenders which they utilize when whirling these ingredients. This recipe requires a powerful, high-power, and high-performance machine. Fine nut milk, creamy nut butter, green smoothies, and finely processed homemade oat flour are made without ice cream or green chunks.

Gather the Ingredients to make an Easy Peach Melba Recipe

Gathering the ingredients together to make easy Peach Melka desserts requires less time. Some important ingredients in this recipe are refined sea salt, raspberry jam, cannabidiol oil, and warm water, jarred or canned 4 peach halves. Sea salt balances the dessert sweetness and lets the scents melt without being extremely sweet.

Extract Seeds from Raspberry Jam

According to Álvarez et al.  (2006), the raspberry sauce is manufactured with a jam. Direct jelly via a refined mesh sieve and dispose of the seeds and pulp afterward. Sieves are essential to people making the product in their homes. They are costly, although they are available in many grocery stores. One can avoid this step if individuals have no desire to purchase another or have a pinch. Although that does not alter the fragrance, the seeds remain there, just the smooth and texture appearance.

Making the Sauce

According to Huang et al. (2021), make the sauce after removing maximum seeds from your jelly. Use a sized bowl and whip the cannabidiol oil, warm water, salt, and raspberry jam till smooth. Ensure the salt is dissolved to maximize the sauce’s flavor. When the salt is utilized appropriately, prepare an outstanding dish. Individuals should add salt easily because the recipe requires sea salt.

Preparing the Dessert Ready to Serve

After finishing, incorporate various ingredients, and the pudding is served. Add a proportion from the ice cream pint into dessert cups and add peach to each. Then, cautiously spread raspberry sauce on ice cream and peach. Alternatively, some people keep the sauce for 5 days in a corked jar in a fridge to improve gratification. However, experts recommend consumers prepare the product early before dinner or a big party.

Simple Peach Melba Recipe


  • One-quarter cup raspberry jam
  • Two tablespoons of warm water
  • One-eighth teaspoon of refined sea salt
  • One pint of vanilla ice cream
  • Four peach halves (jarred or canned)


Stir the sea salt, warm water, and raspberry jam till smooth in a sized bowl. Subject the jam via a refined mesh sieve and eliminate the seeds and pulp. Finally, divide the vanilla ice cream pint into dessert vessels, add peach, and spread on your raspberry sauce.

What makes Peach Melba Desserts Desirable?

  • The Peach Melba recipe is incredibly easy to prepare.
  • These desserts are healthy and delicious.
  • This healthy dessert allows the replacement of normal ice creams with Greek yogurts.

Peach Melba has escalated and is more fun than the normal ice-cream dollop and peach half that restaurants recognize. Some versions are sugar-free, healthy, and have an appealing taste.

Peach Melba Dessert Served on Ice

According to Kowalchuk (2013), the first recipe was shared on swan from ice. However, individuals cannot derive swan from ice. Conversely, dessert dishes are placed into bowls containing water and incorporate mint leaves to freeze and decorate them. This garnish decelerates melting in ice creams and constitutes a useful purpose. Its usefulness is experienced when these desserts are served during the summer period. The plate beneath the dessert containing ice should have sufficient depth to accommodate from coming melting ice. Before melting, determine the water level, put the bowl on your plate, and transfer water to the plate. You will not experience difficulties when guests come.

Prepare a circular shape from the paper and put it beneath the ice to prevent ice from slipping on your plate. Also, it absorbs water when the ice begins melting. Experts in making snowflakes from papers prefer creating them in doily shape.


Peach Melba desserts are delicious treats that feature vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce, and peaches. This diet-friendly and delicious traditional pleasurable treat version substitutes ice creams with fat-free yogurt and syrup sauces with sweetened gelatin. Additionally, these desserts are suitable when consumed at parties or family occasions. Mostly, they are made before the occasion and stored in refrigerators for preservation. Cannabidiol improves the nutritional value of Peach Melba since it contains several health benefits. Using the right ingredients and specific proportions, you can easily incorporate CBD into this recipe. Also, follow the procedure to obtain high-quality desserts with exceptional taste.


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