What it is

Fibromyalgia is health condition that arises due to impairment of how the brain processes pain resulting to widespread pain in the entire body. Fibromyalgia intensifies the painful signals or sensations sent in the spinal cord and brain.

Is it treatable?

There is no exact cure for fibromyalgia, most treatment methods focus on easing and managing the symptoms. The symptoms can fade after 2 to 4 weeks but reoccur later in life.


The common symptoms include;

  • Fatigue even after resting or sleeping for longer durations.
  • Increased widespread pain on the upper, lower and both sides of the body.
  • Cognitive issues like poor focus, or fibro fog.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Headaches
  • Skin irritation
  • Numbness in the feet or hands
  • Mood problems
  • Depression
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Nausea


The constant pain, sleep disorders, muscle aches, fatigue and other symptoms can hinder normal body functioning on your daily life. Fibromyalgia can cause depression, anxiety, memory problems and lower productivity at home or work.

Is it hereditary?

Fibromyalgia is not a hereditary condition but might be more persistent in people who have family members affected by it. Fibromyalgia cannot be conceded from a genes parents directly to their kids.

Tips to alleviate the pain

I highly recommend you engage in gentle exercises like walking, jogging and other low intense activities can help lower the pain. Get adequate sleep, manage your stress levels, take anti-pain medications and any activity that can increase muscle or body endurance.

What causes it

Fibromyalgia has no root cause but can be triggered by physical or psychological stress, injuries, grieving lost ones, viral infections and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ieva Kubiliute

Ieva Kubiliute is a psychologist and a sex and relationships advisor and a freelance writer. She's also a consultant to several health and wellness brands. While Ieva specialises in covering wellness topics ranging from fitness and nutrition, to mental wellbeing, sex and relationships and health conditions, she has written across a diverse range of lifestyle topics, including beauty and travel. Career highlights so far include: luxury spa-hopping in Spain and joining an £18k-a-year London gym. Someone’s got to do it! When she’s not typing away at her desk—or interviewing experts and case studies, Ieva winds down with yoga, a good movie and great skincare (affordable of course, there’s little she doesn’t know about budget beauty). Things that bring her endless joy: digital detoxes, oat milk lattes and long country walks (and sometimes jogs).

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