As a relationship expert, fictosexulaity is a real thing that both genders can practice. Fictosexuality is defined as the idea or nature of getting sexually aroused and attracted to fictional characters either in movies or books. Fictosexuals have no sexual interest in real partners or humans. They are only romantically attracted to imaginary creations and may opt to marry their preferred fiction mates. This type of romantic relationship helps avoid the burden in normal relationships and can help lower gender imbalances and other norms in marriages.

Though people might deem fact sexuality an abnormality or weird, fictosexuals tend to find joy, love, happiness, and usefulness when in love with their fiction partners.

Fictosexuality is a category in the LGBTQIA+ community as they are asexual and have no interest in normal relationships. People in this group develop feelings about their favorite fictional characters either in movies or books and might go further by creating a toy or doll that resembles them.

Fictosexuality can be divided into several groups, including;

Cartosexuals; are people who are sexually attracted to cartoon and comic characters.

Increasexuals: individuals aroused and attracted to movie or TV show characters.

Gamesexuals: have feelings for popular characters in video games.

Magisexuals include people who are sexually attracted to book, comic, or podcast characters who have no visual image.

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