The Best Bathroom Scales in 2021

The Best Bathroom Scales in 2021-min

Having the best bathroom scales helps you lose, maintain, or gain weight effectively. Here are the best picks you want to try in 2021.

While many people are into losing weight, some are seriously considering gaining weight. Others are also at home with their weights and want to maintain them by sticking to healthy habits. Although all these goals seem different, one thing is certain; a bathroom scale is needed. With a bathroom scale, you can gauge your progress in whatever frequencies you choose and adjust whenever need be. However, there is a challenge. The market is full of many bathroom scales, and telling which one is worth your penny may be a nightmare. Here are the best picks that will certainly not disappoint you.

What factors should you consider when choosing a bathroom scale?

In speaking about the best and giving you our best picks of the best bathroom scales, we considered many factors. The primary consideration is the accuracy of the scale. You certainly want a precise scale to be able to track your progress with precision. You may also be interested in the ease of using and operating the scale, its technological capabilities, its appearance, and of course, the price. Still, other people might want a scale with a larger weight platform or one whose display is brighter.

People on special diets and athletes may want bathroom scales that give BMI measurements. Others may prioritize bathroom scales that give information about body composition, including body water, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. While the BMI measurements may not always be accurate, they are indicators of being on or off the track. Thus, it’s up to you to choose which factors are your top priorities when buying a bathroom scale. For this context, a single dollar sign ($) denotes a price range under $50, double dollar signs ($$) denote a price range from $50–$99, while triple dollar signs ($$$) stand for a price range that’s over $100.

The best bathroom scales for 2021

With all factors remaining constant, here are the best bathroom scales you want to try in 2021.

i.                    RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale ($)

The RENPHO Bluetooth Boy Fat Scale is the most accurate bathroom scale in the market, with a price range below $50. The scale can give information about thirteen components of body composition, including weight, BMI, body water, body fat percentage, and bone mass. It uses Bluetooth to synchronize directly with your phone and relay the information. If you have other health goals apart from watching your weight, this is the best scale. All these measurements of body composition are important for other aspects of health. Its four high-precision electrodes and sensors make the scale quite precise.

ii.                 FITINDEX Body Fat Scale ($)

This is the best high-tech body fat scale that you can have. Just like the RENPHO body fat scale, the FITINDEX Body Fat Scale gives it all to you at a price range that’s below $50. It’s the best high-tech scale that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to relay information. Besides, if you use health apps like Google Fit and Apple Health o monitor your health progress, the FITINDEX Body Fat Scale is the best scale to achieve your health goals. If you want to be monitoring other components of body composition such as your BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and weight, this body fat scale captures it all and relays it to your phone in a matter of seconds. The scale also works best for those who want to burn fats and build muscles besides shaking off extra pounds.

iii.               EatSmart Precision Digital Body Fat Bathroom Scale ($)

If you are interested in measuring your weight only, the EatSmart Precision Digital Body Fat Scale is the ideal option for you. In fact, it’s the most budget-friendly in the market yet gives weight measurements with high precision and accuracy. Besides, setting the machine is easy.

iv.               Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale ($$$)

If you are on any form of diet and would like to gauge your progress from time to time, the Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale should be your scale of choice. It also works best for those who do Fitbit wears. It can connect to Fitbit apps via WiFi. Using this scale, you can tell your weight, BMI, lean mass, and muscle mass, among other body composition features. The app it uses earns you rewards when you achieve the targets, helping you keep on track. It can store data for as many as eight people in the family but still keep personal information confidential.

v.                 My Weigh SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale ($$)

If you are looking for the best high-capacity capability, it’s definitely the SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale that you want to try. Having a large weighing platform and better capacity than most bathroom scales in the market, this scale only comes with a price range of $50-$100. It can measure up to 318kg, unlike most scales that measure weights below 181kg. Its talking feature is also an added advantage as you can toggle it on and off and let it read your weight in German, French, Spanish, or English.

vi.               Etekcity Body Scale ($)

This is yet another body fat scale that comes at a low price range (below $50) but provides measurements with high precision. It supports an unlimited number of people, meaning large families can safely use it. Besides, you have critical body composition metrics such as weight, lean mass, body fat, BMI, and weight water. It also syncs with your phone to relay information.

vii.             Taylor Electronic talking Scale ($)

This scale is mostly ideal for older adults whose visions are impaired. It’s low to the ground compared to other scales, which I why older adults and people with pacemakers can easily use it. Its talking feature is also an added advantage and can read out the measurements in Croatian, English, Greek, German, and Spanish.


Bathroom scales are important tools when you want to monitor your health progress. However, the market has so many of these, which is why shopping for the best may be a challenge. This article shared some of the best bathroom scales that will provide you with the support you need in your health journey in 2021.

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