Our Big Kitchen (OBK) is a non-profit organization located in Sydney Australia

Our Big Kitchen’ (OBK) is a non-profit organization located in Sydney, Australia

Business Name and What It Does:

‘Our Big Kitchen’ (OBK) is a non-profit organization located in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive community space where people can come together to cook and share meals, regardless of their background or circumstances. We also provide food support services to people in need, including meals for the homeless and emergency food relief programs.

Business Strategies:

Our Big Kitchen’s main strategy is to engage with the community and build partnerships with local businesses, schools, and organizations. We offer a range of programs and events, including cooking classes, corporate team building, birthdays, community dinners, and catering services, to encourage people to get involved and support our mission. We also rely on donations and volunteers to sustain our operations and provide food support services to those in need.

Founder’s/Owner’s Story and What Motivated Them to Start the Business:

Our Big Kitchen was founded by Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin and wife, Laya Slavin, in 2005.

Laya a talented hairdresser was very motivated to help women being treated with Chemotherapy to look their best, so they stay in the fight with dignity and courage, it became apparent to her how they struggled to feed their families during treatment, she began to share her dinners this let to frinds coming over to help he with the meal prep and very soon food became far bigger then the wigs, so together with her husband they decided to create a welcoming and inclusive space where people could come together and share meals, regardless of their background or circumstances. They also saw a need in the community for food support services, and a welcoming environment.

The Challenges the Business/Market is Facing:

Let’s not talk about funding and resource constraints. As a non-profit organization, We rely on donations and volunteers to sustain their operations, and securing consistent funding can be difficult, but we don’t talk about this, as it puts us in the same situation of so many others.

Our challenge is to make the best with what we have, and stive to build infrastructure and volunteer base to continue and grow our work.

The Opportunities the Business/Market is Facing:

Despite the challenges, Our Big Kitchen sees significant opportunities in the market for community engagement and food support services. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the community, there is a growing need for food support services and community spaces where people can come together safely. Additionally, there is a growing awareness and interest in sustainable food practices and reducing food waste, providing an opportunity for Our Big Kitchen to incorporate these values into their programs and operations.

Advice to Others About Business:

Anybody looking to start a non-profit organization is to have a clear mission and values, and to build a strong team of dedicated and passionate individuals. He also emphasizes the importance of building partnerships and relationships with the community and local businesses, as well as seeking out creative and innovative solutions to challenges, find the decision makers And don’t take no for an answer from anybody who cant say Yes.

Lessons Learnt from Running This Business:

One of the biggest lessons that Our Big Kitchen has learned from running our non-profit organization is the importance of community engagement and building strong relationships with partners and volunteers. They have also learned the value of flexibility and adaptability, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of incorporating sustainability and ethical practices into their operations.

And we see the power of community and the blessing of unity.


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