Are you suffering from panic attacks but have no idea how to reduce or prevent them? Worry not, CBD oil, according to experts, has been proven to possess numerous therapeutic properties that can help alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions, including panic attacks. CBD interacts with the CB 1 receptors present in the brain cells and central nervous system to reduce panic attack symptoms and restore normal functioning of the body.

Panic attacks have severe effects that can impact the quality of life of sufferers. Some of the effects include; the sense of impending doom or danger, the rapid pounding of the heart, sweating, trembling and shaking, shortness of breath, and even sudden death.  To help the significant number of people suffering from such effects of panic, we will discuss how CBD oil can help reduce and prevent panic attacks.

How CBD Oil Works to Prevent Panic Attacks

Before discovering how CBD oil helps reduce panic attacks, it is crucial to understand the prevention measures. According to researchers, CBD oil has been tested on animals and extended to humans to discover its potential in managing panic attacks. CBD oil has a direct effect on the receptor’s influence which is involved in serotonin modulation. Specifically, serotonin is a chemical in the human body that triggers our mood, feelings, and anxiety.

Scientists gave a promising report on how this cannabinoid prevents panic disorder in human beings, and 24 people with panic disorder were subjected to the test for the study,while 12 others with the same condition were not. The results indicated that the people who used CBD oil could not have panic attacks, or if the symptoms appeared, they were few and far between.

Cannabidiol oil has a direct effect on human brain cells. The brain responds to various receptors and signals that might trigger the normal functioning of the body. Research has shown that full-spectrum CBD can lead to a notable change in brain activity and connectivity during resting state and performance of cognitive tasks. It helps the human body’s brain do several things, including the control of emotions, response to emotions, and emotional processing whenever the body is triggered by something that might cause panic.

Research conducted on 194 people with panic disorder and those who lucked to showed that a significant number responded positively by processing the panic that was triggered and reacted to it calmly after taking the prevention method of CBD oil.  Furthermore, another test was conducted to verify whether or not it has positive effects on 72 people suffering from panic attacks, and it turned out to be positive.

Most of the individuals had poor sleeping patterns, and so they received this treatment. 79% indicated a decrease in anxiety, and 66% improved their sleeping patterns. However, as the patients continued to acquire CBD oil treatment, the score kept on changing significantly.

Three Best CBD Products for Panic Control

regarding CBD oil products, there are specific products that are suitable for panic control. Not all products are suitable for the function of dealing with anxiety. Scientists and specific prescriptions have recommended the following products to serve its function of how to reduce and prevent panic;

Skittles Flavor

Unlike other products, skittles flavor (Kanibi CBD Pure Isolate) neither has artificial color nor THC and pure organic hemp. Notably, while a dropper of a 1,500-mg tincture contains 50 mg of CBD, a 1-ml dropper of a 750-mg tincture contains 25mg of CBD. It is recommended that patients use 10 mg per day, and if there is no impact, they should add 5 or 10 mg every five days. It gives the user relaxation and peace of mind.

CBDistillery CBD Oil Isolate

For those who are negatively affected by the Skittles flavor, we recommend you go for CBDistillery as it contains zero traces of THC. It is highly recommended for those who might prefer a high-potency CBD isolate and nothing short of this. Due to that, it makes the product a bit pricey. When it comes to mind and body relaxation, this extract is recommended for advanced symptoms of panic attacks.

FOCL Premium CBD Drops

Like the two options discussed above, it also contains zero traces of THC and is orange in color. However, it suits those who want to treat the panic disorder but with a specific diet pattern. And according to scientists, FOCL premium CBD drops are non-GMO and are highly recommended for those who want to start using CBD products. It is relatively affordable as it goes for  $40. There are various versions of this product, including 1,000 mg per bottle, and it’s a little more potent than others.

How to Choose CBD Oil for Panic Attack Disorder

Choosing the right kind of product that is suitable for your panic disorder might be difficult. It is therefore recommended that you consider the following factors;

  • Choose the product that has been recommended by a third party and from a reliable company that has been accredited.
  • Ensure the product contains the amount of CBD and THC it claims to by comparing the product and its labels.
  • Ensure the product you are going for meets your personal preference and the needs you have. For anxiety, I would advise you to check a product containing melatonin (For panics that appears at night in most cases).
  • If the flavor is a key concern, then there are several kinds; choose the one you are comfortable with if the cannabis test turns you off.


Summarily, one should not ignore experiences. In case you face symptoms of panic attacks, CBD oil can help reduce that, especially if your condition is diagnosed at an earlier stage. For any product that directly impacts our body system, safety and precautions should be a priority. Ensure you get doctors’ or psychologists’ prescriptions for whichever CBD oil product you have gone for.

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