(When to do it, your rights, what to say, how to say it and more)

Do your research

Do you know the state’s and your company’s policies on pregnancy? If you don’t, then that is your homework. Find out about the duration provided for leave. Also, check out on payment matters and compare with your company to see if the leave is paid or not. The information will be important before going to your boss, and be open-minded about the response since it all depends on the laws of the employer.

The timing

I think there is no specific time to share with your boss about your pregnancy. But what I always tell my clients is to not wait till late. Informing about pregnancy is far away from giving a quitting notice two or one week earlier. It depends with how the pregnancy goes. For example, you may be the type with a lot of complications during the first trimester, which implies a lot of morning sickness or multiple doctor appointments in a month. Such factors may not give ample time to work, thus informing earlier can help the boss make arrangements for covering you up during these emergencies. Some people may choose to take longer may be because they miscarried earlier and do not want to let others know before they are sure and ready to. Well, both cases are ok. But I always tell my clients to avoid letting the boss get the news from other people or social media.

What to say

When giving the news, let your boss know about how you are keeping up your productivity at work before the due date and your suggestions about coverage in your absentia. Again, do not forget to mention that you expect to return to work. You can say;

I am happy to share the news about my pregnancy, which will be due in (number of weeks)! As of now, I can still beat deadlines and reach expectations, but I would like to create a plan with you concerning coverage when I’m due. I am interested in any considerations for more days on leave, and I look forward to coming back after; as the company’s policy says.

Anastasia Filipenko

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