How to Spot a Selfish Guy Early On

If your partner does the following, chances are they are selfish.

They Want Conversations to Be About Them

A selfish partner will want all the attention for themselves. They will want to be the main subject in every conversation because they think their feelings and image are bigger than your character. During conversations, they may not give you an ear unless they benefit.

They Act Defensive Most of the Time

Mistakes happen in a relationship. While we all want someone to realize and accept their mistakes, that rarely happens with a selfish partner. A selfish partner will act defensive even when it’s clear they messed up. Surprisingly, they can dump the blame on you and make you feel guilty.

They Don’t Care Whether You Are Sexually Satisfied

If you can’t remember the last time you had an orgasm, something might be a miss. It means you are giving more while receiving less. To me, everyone in a relationship deserves a chance at orgasm. If you always ensure your partner is sexually satisfied while they don’t care whether you are on the same page, chances are they are selfish.

How to Deal with A Selfish Boyfriend

Once you find out your boyfriend is selfish, you deal with them in many ways, including;

  • Focusing on your needs and hobbies to raise your value
  • Encouraging them to change and telling them how abandoning the behaviour can transform your relationship
  • Abandoning the one-sided relationship if they resist change

Negative Side Effects of Dating a Selfish Partner

Dating a selfish partner leads to a one-sided relationship, which is never healthy. When your partner is selfish, you may harbour resentment and disappointment, which can sabotage can sabotage even a relationship.

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