Martha Stewart is a CBD company that has partnered with Canopy Growth Corporation and aims at providing the best CBD products for both humans and pets. Martha Stewart has worked together with Canopy Growth. Both have come up with handmade, high-quality flavours formulated with cannabinoids from the hemp plant to create an exceptional product line. After years of planning and research, the brand has developed high end agricultural and manufacturing processes which are useful in producing unique products. The brand offers broad-spectrum CBD products for pets, but they offer premium isolate CBD products for humans. Although they offer their customers a limited products catalogue, i.e. soft gels, tinctures, edible gummies and pet products, these products are proven to give more than one health benefit. Customers have reported feeling more relaxed and calm, better managing their stress levels, balancing moods, improving their sleep schedule,and managing everyday feelings of tension. Their products are passed through third-party testing and are proven to be safe for consumption. According to our analysis, product prices are below average compared to other CBD companies, with an average price of $0.6 per mg of CBD.  However, the brand trades its products only inthe United States, where it is located.

About the company

The brand was initially established in 2014 by Martha Stewart but officially launched her focused line of CBD products in 2020 after years of research and planning. Martha partnered with Canopy Growth through her friend, Calvin Broadus Jr., commonly known as Snoop Dogg, who collaborates with Canopy and has his own brand known as Leafs by Snoop. According to our research, we discovered that Martha was first introduced to cannabis by Snoop,who smoked almost 10 blunts for seven hours next to her. During her interview, she explained that it felt really good, although she could not remember the events that followed. She has, however, taken advantage of her partnership and developed her brand into a successful and well-renowned brand.  The company runs its operations from Denver, Colorado and other corporate headquarters in New York. Her pet products are produced in Atlanta, Georgia, at Canopy Animal Health.

During our research, we realized that the company has put up a blog under the Canopy Growth website together with other collaborators of the company. It includes other educational materials on CBD on corresponding products offered. Their blog is easy to understand and navigate and very transparent to every customer. They have provided information about their products’ nature, ingredients, instructions of usage, potencies, and a shopping canopy where customers can add products to their cart and check out. Their products are passed through third independent partytesting, and the results are posted on the online hub where customers can easily access them. From the available results, products proved to be pure, non-GMO and free from THC, solvents, microbial, pesticides and heavy metals.  This process is essential to ensure the product contains THC and CBD labelled concentrationsfor safety and quality control. Their products are passed through the certificate of analysis and a link attached to their homepage. We analyzed some of their products lab tests for accuracy variance, and the highest variance was, Isolate citrus medley gummies with a total of 330.1 mg,which is a10% accuracy.

Consequently, the 750mg Meyer lemon isolate tincture and 750mg soft gels contain the lowest accuracy of 4%. All these products are within the required range of variance concentration. However, we could not access any test results for pesticides for the edible pet treats.

The brand has put up an easy to navigate buying and shipping experience where customers can access products through the provided filter in terms of products name, price or newness in the market. Customers can also shop all products at once if they are familiar with the products they need. They offer free shipping for all orders but have a limit of $49.99 minimum purchases. This means that customers cannot purchase orders below the required amount. They also offer discounts and coupons to customers like the 15% subscription savings, 20% new customer code: WELCOME 20 and other exclusive offers when you sign up for their newsletter. The company also offers holiday discounts, gift boxes and peppermint ribbons. Their FAQs are located at the bottom of the main page, where answers to most asked questions are posted. For customers wishing to reach them, they have provided an email address, phone number, and online messaging where feedback is given on time. Their customer reviews showed that these products arrived in great secured packaging and washelpful for their health benefits and issues.

Manufacturing process

Martha Stewart CBD uses the hemp plant to manufacture their products which they grow and harvest for themselves. The brand is a legal and authorized grower of natural and premium hemp, which is sourced from all over US farms. This hemp is an isolate, derived and contains broad-spectrum CBD. However, the company has not given any information on the specific states the farms are located. In order to separate the significant cannabinoids from other hemp products, the brand uses the CO2 extraction process, which they prefer because of its purity advantage over other extraction processes. Carbon dioxide is solely used to separate toxins from cannabinoids, and water evaporates, leaving the pure final extract. The products are then formulated with maximum bioavailability MCT oil to help them be easily digested and absorbed in the body. The products are also added other beneficial ingredients such as natural flavour, stevia leaf extract, blood orange oil, plus other ingredients she loved to use while baking.

The brand then passes these products through independent third-party laboratories, where they are tested for potency and contaminants.  The results attained from these tests are posted under the certificate of analysis link, and the products also contain a batch number that directly shows their lab results. From the results, we matched some of their products and analyzed that their products are up to standard and contain the right amounts of THC to CBD levels. However, as stated earlier, they lacked purity pesticide results for some of their products. The products offered range from 9mg to 600mg, and the price ranges from $12.99-$64.99. Any further clarification customers may need from the company concerning lab results or explanations can be obtained from their customer desk.

Range of products

The brand offers a variety of CBD products, both isolates and a broad spectrum for both pets and humans. They are available in different forms and contain different flavours and beneficial ingredients applicable to every customer. Customers are also able to afford these products due to the favourable prices. Some of the products we reviewed are:

Martha Stewart CBD tinctures

The brand offers these tinctures in unflavored, lemon, blood orange, and Meyer. They are CBD isolate and mixed with MTC oil recommended for oral and sublingual use to be added to food and beverages. A sample of their tincture is Meyer lemon CBD tincture which is pale yellow in colour with a thick oil viscosity stored in labelled droppers for easy consumption. They are offered in 30ml bottle sizes containing 750mg of CBD and cost $49.99.

Stewart Edible gummies

The brand offers a broad spectrum of CBD-infused soft baked treats formulated with natural ingredients and other tasty flavours. The advised usage is through oral use and is recommended for customers requiring discrete, fast-acting products. An example of one of their gummies is the citrus medley CBD edible gummies, which are formulated with isolate CBD and digestible MTC oil. They are added different flavours, including citrus in both orange and yellow colours. They are served in 30ml bottles and contain 300mg of CBD, which costs $34.99.

Martha Stewart CBD pet products

The company offers them pet tinctures and edible treats, which are both broad spectrum and contain added ingredients for maximum experience. The pet tinctures are recommended for oral and sublingual use or can be added to food while edible treats can only be used orally for the pet’s stomach. Analysis showed that this was one of Martha’s recipes. A sample of these pet products is Mobility pet CBD baked treats, which have a soft texture and crumble easily.They are broad-spectrum and are added MTC oil and other ingredients. Each serving size is labelled at 32mg, and bottle size of 30ml costs $24.99.

Wellness CBD soft gels

These are CBD isolate soft gels mixed with digestible MCT oil, which are vitamin sized and pale yellow, and they contain a soft gel texture. One soft gel is labelled at 25mg, and a bottle contains 750mg of CBD, which costs $44.99.

What we like about the company

The brand gave us various reasons to like it, including the fact that it is very transparent with its customers regarding the nature of their products and their respective third-party results that were openly offered on their website. Their customer services, too, are reliable since they respond within minutes and take their time to educate customers. This brand also provides products for both humans and pets in various forms, and their products are proven to be satisfactory.

What we don’t like about the company

The minimum order purchase price of $49.99 in order to receive free shipping was one of the reasons why we didn’t give the brand a high rate. They should consider lowering the price or offering free shipping for all products. They also offer shipping only within the US; therefore, customers outside this region may find it difficult to purchase products. There were also some missing lab tests on pet products that may be necessary for customers to make sure they give pets safe products. We would advise the brand to add those results. Additionally, their website offered limited data on their history and manufacturing process.


In conclusion, we rated this company as a developing CBD company striving to offer customers the best. They should continue to form collaborations with other successful brands and work on expanding their product line. However, their products are up to standard and are proven to contain legal CBD and THC variances; therefore, customers can consume them without any doubt. They, however, advise customers or pet owners to visit a professional if they experience any side effects.

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