MOSSO MOTO smartwatch

MOSSO MOTO smartwatch

‘MOSSO MOTO’ Founder – Tobis Kwok

Tobis Kwok is the founder and owner of the “MOSSO MOTO” smartwatches company. Prior to starting the watch company, she worked for several years in banking, listed groups, and financial investment sectors. She obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in the University of Portsmouth U.K. and a Master of Accounting major in Hong Kong Baptist University.  Despite the fact that it is her avocation, passion and creativity for the innovation of new things in various segments, particularly in music, painting, and product design.  In 2015, she studied a handbag design course offered by Polimoda in Florence, Italy that subsequently inspired her to keep learning new things.  As far as Tobis Kwok realized that she would not start the smartwatch business without the latter, she then decided to launch her 1st brand new MOSSO MOTO watches in 2018.

‘MOSSO MOTO’ Founder – Tobis Kwok

Business Strategies

Initially, the concept of the watch’s style was a combination of traditional classic elements and multi-functional features, she explained.  She noticed that the technology would change the way we live, most people rely on digital products as daily necessities, new trends will be introducing within today’s fast-moving marketplace.  MOSSO MOTO stays ahead of the curve and continue to innovate new design and implement difference elements to the customers. Apart from that, do some market research and analysis on vast majority of different people’s behavior and areas for a tremendous need for smartwatches in the market globally. It concluded that there is a need for the brand to make changes on the product we sell. Because of this, Tobis Kwok insisted to switch the product style from a traditional watch to a sports smartwatch, literally, it transformed to a new smartwatch not only provides timekeeping and a touchscreen interface for daily use, but also enhances additional features such as steps count, heart rate monitoring, etc. She explained.

Additionally, she leads the team to create a comprehensive marketing plan for advertisement, such as launching a company website, social media promotion, running advertising campaigns and traditional advertising as well.  Outlines the steps to promote the product, plan for post-launch activities, such as customer service and customer product support.

When it comes to marketing a product online, all we know that social media marketing is one of the most popular and effective strategies in today’s market. The social media platform or any other platforms are depending on the target audience.  The product post content that we target audience will let them to view, enjoy and share what the audience interest in.  Interact with the followers in comments and messages to personalize their experience and build up the relationships with the audiences.  Tobis Kwok added, it can share user-generated content and create a hashtag for tTobis Kwok is the founder and owner of the “MOSSO MOTO” smartwatches company. Prior to starting the watch company, she worked for several years in banking, listed groups, and financial investment sectors. She obtained a Bachelor of Business.he brand and encourage the followers to use it when they post the products, making this type of content much more easier for other users to search and locate the product.

Motivation to start the business    

Tobis Kwok explained that the motivation to start the smartwatch business is following her dream to fulfill in a way that create something can truly help people to maintain good health and act as a healthcare assistant.  It can shape the business to be something that she proud of and that may even be able to pass on to her children as the legacy.

She said, starting a business can allow you to maximize the abilities and create a sense of fulfillment, experience everything a startup business has to offer and make things happen you never image.  It’s extremely motivating to know that something that she have started and created value for other people and part of creating value is contributing to the entrepreneurial community.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Getting new customer is the main purpose of the marketing campaign, Tobis Kwok and her team making lots of effort for searching and analyzing on the market trend and people’s behavior in today’s world.  Ensure that people stay interesting to their products.  She organized, innovated, communicate with the watch production team, constantly introduce new products with high quality to the customer. 

Tobis Kwok experienced that building an audience is more valuable than direct sales, it is because primary goal for running marketing campaigns is building the brand awareness. Building brand awareness helps generate the trust with the customers and helps them associate our brand with the products and services, drive revenue and build a base of loyal customers. 

The opportunities the business/market is facing

All we realize that e-Commerce industry continues its rapid growth and online store business continue to replace traditional retailers for customers.  It brings with it an array of new opportunities and challenges facing eCommerce business. 

As for smartwatch business, Tobis Kwok found themselves got the opportunities to expand our business via online store such as social media opportunities for today’s business, home computers, laptops, tablets, etc.

Smartphones, even the internet enabled televisions mean people can easily access the web to browse the website from anywhere at any time.  New devices and new online applications can help people to change the way they work and purchase behavior.

Advice to others about business

Tobis Kwok made some advices to others :

Before starting a business, it is critical to conduct a thorough market analysis and competitor research. When starting a business, there will be a numerous distraction from others. Keep focus and avoid distractions. Believe in yourself and your idea.  There are a lot of important decisions to make and challenges to overcome. People focus on an idea for a product or service that they think is absolutely amazing, however, without considering whether the products isn’t an actual market for it.  Before you do anything,  make sure you’ve identified a problem that needs to be solved. Once you’ve done that, you can start thinking about how to turn the idea into a reality.  As the company founder, you’ll need to surround yourself with people who complement your skills and experience and who share your vision for the company. Building a good and supporting team is one of the most important things you can do when starting a business or create something new.  It will make the difference in the long run.  Your customers is definitely the center of everything you do when starting a business.  Most of the time, businesses get so caught up in their own operations that they forget about the people they’re supposed to be serving.  Make sure that you’re constantly thinking about your customers and what the customers need from your business. Everything exactly should flow from there.

In fact, there is no guarantee of success in every aspect, you never know until you start the business.   But the truth is that the most successful businessman, entrepreneurs believe that their share of failures along the way. The key is to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward, a business plan is definitely helps you stay organized and focused on achieving the goals. 

Lessons learnt from running this business

Tobis Kwok recognizes that no one can learn everything. There is always room for improvement, no matter how old or young you are. 

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