Some of the reasons include;

Burnout and stress

Stress and burnout can possibly make it hard for an individual to sit still for longer. They are the same factors that cause mental restlessness, which makes it hard to fall asleep, manage time, or tasks. They are the reason you will see an individual seated, but tapping the feet or hands, hypereacting, or getting agitated.

The mind is always processing things

Restlessness, even when having enough time to sit still could be because your mind is always working. Most of my patients say they cannot sit for five minutes without getting bored and begin thinking of something to do. It is because the mind is busy and cannot allow you to focus. The thought of touching things around you or keeping yourself engaged is because of the inability to calm down your mind.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

MS, University of Tartu
Sleep specialist

Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.

Anastasia Filipenko is a health and wellness psychologist, dermatolist and a freelance writer. She frequently covers beauty and skincare, food trends and nutrition, health and fitness and relationships. When she's not trying out new skincare products, you'll find her taking a cycling class, doing yoga, reading in the park, or trying a new recipe.

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