Sex Toy Review – The Sqweel

Sex Toy Review – The Sqweel

The first thought that comes to your mind upon seeing the Sqweel sex toy is: it looks like an X-rated rolodex. However, when it comes to oral sex simulation, the flipping mechanism we all know and love is a good thing! In order for real cunnilingus to work there must be steady and powerful rhythm from the tongue. This is what the unique toy that is the Sqweel offers.

Sex Toy Review The Sqweel

The toy is an oral sex stimulator that has ten different tongues that lap around in rhythmic turn, bringing the user to orgasm. Though the toy is made for women it can work with anyone who enjoys the feeling of tongue stimulation. As with any sex toy, the Sqweel works best with lubricant.

One of the first things you will notice about the Sqweel is that it is not a typical vibrator or a “thrusting” toy. Its rolling mechanism allows greater control over the user’s stimulation. You can set the speed of the tongue wheel; you can choose between fast and furious or deep and long lasting spins.

The lack of vibration in this toy is a welcome change to women who are tired of the same old vibrating dildo toy. Sex experts and therapists agree that it is the best simulation for cunnilingus next to the real thing. Unlike a real tongue, it doesn’t complain or “tire out!” (And just as a warning, your significant other might become very jealous!)

This toy is a hand-held device that requires three AAA batteries. You remove the cover and turn the device on. The tongues start turning…you can use your imagination on where to put it. A tip to first time users (or women new to sex toys) is to start slow and gently. Some first-timer users make the mistake of pounding away on a very sensitive area. We recommend that you start on the “slow” speed and work your way up.

You can hold the Sqweel toy on your tummy or your neck area to experience what the “lick” feels like. Allow yourself to become comfortable. When you are ready, bring the toy down and let it gently lap against your clitoris. We definitely recommend using water based lubricant to start off with. The best orgasms are slowly brought on after several minutes of stimulation. When you have the craving for even more stimulation, increase the setting. There are three speeds to choose from.
You can also hold the toy in “reverse” to give you a different type of “lick.” Remember, this is a sex toy that is very flexible (just like a real tongue!) It is a toy made for sharing and can be used for foreplay and on practically any part of the body where there is sensitivity. On the other hand, it can also be used for self-pleasure. Easy to clean and store, here at Peaches and Screams, we feel The Sqweel is loads of fun and works like the tongue you wish your lover had!

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