The Low-Down on Going Down on a Woman – Cunniligus Made Easy!

Some men out there are so self-centred that they think there’s no reason to master cunnilingus. They figure that their penis is long enough, thick enough and they can maintain an erection long enough to satisfy their woman. However, the reality is very different and here’s a few reasons why EVERY man should do what it takes to master giving oral sex on a woman:

A) A woman who is satisfied in bed will never consider having an affair
B) Many women report having much more powerful orgasms through cunnlingus as opposed to just intercourse
C) Around 85% of women polled report that they can only achieve an orgasm if a prolonged session of great cunniligus is involved. Many also report that oral sex is the ONLY way they can orgasm!

If those three reasons don’t make you sit up and take notice, chances are you will be leaving a lot of unsatisfied women in your wake! A satisfied woman is a faithful woman. Why would you cheat on a woman who gave you the best blowjobs of your life? Well, the same thing applies to women as well!

Here are a couple of quick tips to improve your technique for going down on your woman.

The first tip involves speed. A lot of women I’ve spoken to report that one of the things they hate is when their man goes down on them, they lick so lightly and in such a frenzy that it’s as if they are with an anteater who has just found a termite mound (their description, not mine !). The reason why they hate it is because they’d much rather their man would lick their clitoris and vagina much more slowly, but much more firm pressure.

The second tip is pretty much obvious, and that is to change the position in which you go down on her. Would you always want to have intercourse in the same old missionary position? Well, why would she always want to lie back and have you lick her that way? Why not try it with her standing up and you kneeling in front of her? How about having her bend over and you lick her from behind? Varying intercourse through different positions is always fun, so why wouldn’t it be the same for oral sex?

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