The number of overweight teens is considerably low compared to elderly persons. Nonetheless, there’s not a group of people so convinced of a leaner and athletic body than the youth and teens.

Obesity is a growing issue among teens; this notwithstanding that some conditions such as hypothyroidism and PCOS can make it difficult for an individual to lose some pounds. Maintaining an average bodyweight has various health benefits not only to teens but also to elderly people. Losing excess fats can improve health and self-esteem. However, healthy weight loss entails a change of diet and lifestyle. Making change slowly can be more fruitful than changing routine at once. This article focuses on ways, benefits and precautions of moderate weight loss among teens.

How To Achieve Moderate Weight Loss

Physical Activities

Physical activities do not necessarily mean joining a gym or sports team, but moving more and sitting less to shade excess fats. Increasing your daily activities will enable you to improve muscle mass and in return help burn calories efficiently. Physical activities improve overall fitness, bone health, heart and reduce the risk of depression. Some of the activities you can partake in include; biking, hiking, swimming, dancing, yoga and walking.

Avoid Sweetened Beverages

Consumption of excess sugary beverages leads to weight gain and may increase the risk of some health conditions. These may include: nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, cavities, type 2 diabetes and acne. Perhaps the easiest way to lose weight is to reduce the intake of sweet beverages. 

Stay Hydrated

Taking enough water is crucial and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Instead of sugary beverages, you can take water to reduce excessive consumption of calories. Additionally, staying hydrated regulates appetite hence reducing the urge to take snacks when not hungry. Hydration also improves athletic and academic performance.

Plenty Intake of Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in nutrients like minerals, fiber and vitamins. They are packed with water and fiber, which makes you feel full and satisfied after meals. This reduces the chance of overeating by stabilizing your appetite. Therefore, consuming vegetables helps teens maintain healthy body weight. Apart from their nutritious side, vegetables have antioxidants that protect cells from unstable molecules that can cause damage.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods, popularly known as junk food, contain a lot of calories with low nutritional values. Consumption of too many processed foods hinders weight loss. Foods like fries, sugary baked foods and candies can be taken occasionally but daily. When living a healthy lifestyle, snacks should revolve around nutritious foods like fruits, proteins and vegetables. Instead of depending on processed foods, teens can prepare homemade meals and snacks using healthy ingredients.

Healthy Sleep Pattern

Having a good sleep pattern enables you to maintain a healthy body weight. Teens who don’t get enough sleep weigh more than those who have normal sleep of seven to eight hours per night.

Limit Added Sugars

A good number of teens take foods with excessive added sugars. When improving health and losing excess body weight, you need to cut on taking added sugars. Foods with high sugar levels are low in fiber and protein, leading to fluctuation of appetite that results in overeating throughout. Foods with added sugar add weight and impact academic performance, mood, and sleep in teens.

Avoid Fad Diets

The pressure of teens losing weight quickly can tempt them to try fad dieting. These diets promise short-term changes requiring little to no effort. Fad diets do not deliver all the essential nutrients to the body to function at an optimal level. Instead of aiming for short-term weight loss, teens should consider slow healthy weight loss over time because fad diets can lead to other health conditions in the body.

Do Not Skip Meals

Skipping meals may sound like an effective way of weight loss. It might give you more appetite to overeat due to hunger. Teens who skip breakfast are prone to obesity compared to those who regularly take breakfast. Instead of skipping breakfast, take food with vitamins and fiber that can sustain you for a longer period without eating.

Avoid Diet Foods

Diet foods are mostly packed with unhealthy fats and artificial sweeteners, which are not good for your health. Artificial sweeteners are liked to many health conditions such as migraines, stomach upset and weight gain. Instead of buying diet food, choose unprocessed foods that will enable you to lose weight effectively.

Reduce Stress

Teens get stressed from school, parents and peers. For example, stress leads to hormonal changes; the cortisol hormone is produced that increases hunger and promotes weight gain. Having a lot of stress can negatively impact weight loss. Engaging in various physical activities can help decrease stress and impact healthy weight loss.

Benefits Of Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight has various health benefits, which include;

Regulation of blood sugar and diabetes-Losing weight impacts insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.

Decreased risk of stroke. Excess weight increases the risk of stroke. High blood pressure strains blood vessels, making them stiff and most likely to cause a blood clot. Losing weight improves the functioning of the heart due to less constricted blood vessels.

Improved mobility. Losing weight reduces pressure on knees and joints, which enhances movement. Additionally, it improves mood and self-confidence.

Losing weight improves better sleep patterns. Overweight people are likely to suffer from apnea. Losing weight is the remedy to treat such conditions.

Obesity increases the chances of certain cancers such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer. Losing weight lowers the risk of developing such type of cancer.


Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 40 pounds, losing weight is a journey you need to partake with patience. It should be taken as empowerment. However, it’s important to participate in healthy weight loss practices. By losing weight, teens lower their risk of developing various health conditions. You need to understand your body and set realistic goals. Teens tend to have role models and want to attain their bodies. However, they should understand that everyone has a different body type. Additionally, reducing added sugar, getting enough exercise and eating nutritious food will enable you to lose weight efficiently. While reducing excess body fat, it’s important to focus on improving health.

Ksenia Sobchak, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication: Fashion Journalism, Central Saint Martins

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