Different from other types of rice, black ricehas many nutritional benefits you should not miss as foodie. Before looking at the nutrients, what are these amazing facts about black rice?

Are you tired of white rice and want something new? Try black rice. For so long, rice has been a staple food in Asia and other parts of the world. If you want something more interesting in your diet, start cooking black rice, sometimes known as purple rice. The first-time black ricecame to light was in 1995, from the United States, and since then, it has remained an important food for many. Let’s see what makes this rice special and why you should replace your white rice with it.

Nutrients profile in black rice

Black rice has low calories and is fully loaded with nutritional content. It’s full of flavonoid phytonutrients which offer protection against several illnessesand enhance a properly functioning brain. Purple rice contains plenty of fiber which ensures a healthy digestive system. If you’re a vegan,you can benefit from it because it has plant-based protein and minerals like iron and copper. The summarized nutrients contentin the rice include;

  • Calories 160gms
  • Total fat 2gms
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 4mg
  • Potassium 268 gm
  • Carbs 34gms
  • Dietary fiber 3gm
  • Sugar 0gm
  • Protein 5gm
  • Iron 6%

Health benefits of black rice

What makes black rice more on-demand is the rare component it contains; anthocyanin. Thisprotein in nature antioxidants fight cancer, prevent cardiovascular illnesses and provide brainnourishment. Other health benefits include;

Aids weight loss

There is a reason this point is starting off the list. Rice is mainly known for adding weight, but that’s not the case with black rice. It’s equipped with good characteristics to help manage weight and lose some extra fat. According to research carried out in Korea, it’s proved that a combination of black rice and brown rice is a great weight loss therapy for obese individuals. So, if you’re addicted to rice and you seem unable to let go, black rice is what you need.

Benefits the heart

Make your heart happy by switching white rice with black rice in your meal plan. Anthocyanin in black rice significantly reduces the cholesterol in the body: atherosclerosis, a cardiovascular disease characterized by plaque build-up making the arteries clog. The effects of this condition are defects in the coronary artery, kidneys, and stroke attacks. But hey, with black rice, you have protection against this scary illness. It reduces atherosclerotic chances by 50%; that’s worth getting excited about.

Assists with liver detoxification

Excessive fat in the liver is unhealthy in several ways, and the main concern is the fatty liver illness.The antioxidant properties in black rice regulate the metabolism of fatty acids, minimize triglyceride and cholesterol levels, andreduce liver-related problems.

Reduces risks of diabetes

Fiber available in black rice has a long digestion period, making sure the sugars are well absorbed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In return, it prevents insulin from rising higher than the normal levels.More to that, it delivers protection against type 2 diabetes and helps manage the consequences of diabetes mellitus.

It’s gluten-free

Out of seven people, atleast one person is intolerant to protein gluten available in wheat, barley, and rye products. They may experience constipation, diarrhea, bloated stomach, and gut problems. Fortunately, black rice is free from gluten, meaning you won’t face any discomfort.

Manages asthma

Black rice reduces the inflammation in the breathing airways and prevents mucus hypertension, a common respiratory disorder.

Improves eyesight

Having poorsight is painful. It denies you the opportunity to enjoy the sight of the goodies life offers, so go for black rice to improve your eye’s strength. The components in it reduce the retinal issues that resulted from light.

SideEffects of Black Rice

In this imperfect world, it’s almost impossible to find something perfect, and manufacturers of black rice deserve thumbs up for their flawless black rice. So far, no one has proven that purple rice has side effects. Doesn’t that sound too amazing to be real? Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you can take your favorite food without having doubts about the negative results it might cause. The only thing required from you is making sure you take it in moderation. You usually don’t want to gain weight and have a sagging tummy because of your uncontrolled appetite. I didn’t mean to be harsh, though!

How Do You Choose Your Black Rice?

Black rice is found in varieties, allowing consumers to pick what works best for them. They vary in size and how attached they are to each other.If you love light, full, and separate-like grain, choose the one with longer grains. But if you enjoy grains that are closely clingy to each other, opt for short or medium black rice. Always ensure your pick contains 100% whole grain black rice-this you can tell by checking the packaging label.

How Do You Store Your Black Rice?

Well-stored purple rice that is uncooked has a shelf-life of 3 months. Cooked variety cannot last for too long because of bacteria, which causes high risks of food poisoning. So it’s safe to eat it within a day of preparing it or store it in the refrigerator for later consumption. But don’t let it stay there for more than two days.

Ideas for eating your black rice

  • If you’re a sucker for sweet meals, try it with curry, and season with pepper to make it tastier.
  • If you’re a nutritionist, have it with roastedvegetables and steak to enjoy a yummy, well-balanced meal.
  • If you’re a dessert addict, use it for baking bread, or rice cakes
  • Add it to your salad or soup for busy individuals who still want delicious food to enjoy the taste.


Black rice is a unique food with benefits not worth missing. It has endless preparation styles you can try in your diet. What you need is some creativity to make your black rice more interesting. You can easily find it in the local food store or order it online on Amazon or any other online seller. Its nutty flavor, health benefits, andshort cooking time make it a favorite food for most. I am craving black rice, and since you understand why it’s an irresistible meal, allow me to stop at this point and serve myself some hot purple rice. Get yours too, friend.


Isn’t it amazing how having black rice in your diet greatly improves your general health?We’re not against eating white rice, but black rice in your diet will give you impressive results. You’ll enjoy a unique taste, get protection against disease, have short meal preparation, and most importantly, stay healthier. At this point, you’re well informed about black rice, and all confusion cleared about purple rice. So, stop thinking about what you’ll have for your next meal. Order black rice, and serve it with your desired stew. You’ll enjoy it.

Nutritionist. Bluffton University, MS

In today's world, people's eating and exercise patterns have changed, and it is often lifestyle that is the cause of many diet-related illnesses. I believe that each of us is unique – what works for one does not help another. What is more, it can even be harmful. I am interested in food psychology, which studies a person's relationship with their body and food, explains our choices and desires for specific products, the difficulty of maintaining optimal body weight, as well as the influence of various internal and external factors on appetite. I'm also an avid vintage car collector, and currently, I'm working on my 1993 W124 Mercedes. You may have stumbled upon articles I have been featured in, for example, in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Grazia, Women's Health, The Guardian, and others.

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