5 Things That Dreaming About Pregnancy Could Mean

5 Things That Dreaming About Pregnancy Could Mean

Dreaming that You have Conceived

If you dream that you have conceived, chances are you are about to experience something new in your waking life.

Dreaming That You Are on The Gestation of The Pregnancy

Being in the gestation period of the pregnancy or the third trimester (in a dream) may meansomething you have been working on in your waking life is about to reward you. Simply put, you are about to achieve your goal.

Dreaming That You Have Morning Sickness

The presence of morning sickness in a pregnancy dream can mean something in your waking life that is seriously taking a toll on your emotional well-being. It can be your relationship.

Dreaming That You Have Twins or Triplets

Although there are a few studies on this dream, in my opinion, it might indicate you are handling too many things in your waking life. In other words, you are defying your natural capacity.

Dreaming That Your Ex Impregnated You

Dreaming about an ex is something that is not unheard of. However, if you dream that they impregnated you, it might indicate your relationship has taught you a painful lesson, encouraging your inner growth and development.

Are These Dreams Often Due to Stress or Fear Around Getting Pregnant?

Yes. If you expect to be pregnant or don’t think about catching pregnancy at all, you are also more likely to experience these dreams. Contrary to popular opinion, these dreams are not only about pregnancy or fertility alone.

Is This a Common Stress Dream?

It is a common stress dream. However, the stress does not necessarily have to come from the fear of getting pregnant. As briefly stated before, these dreams are not only about pregnancy or fertility.

If You’ve Experienced a Miscarriage, Could Your Feelings About That Show Up in Your Dreams?

If ignored in the waking life, the feelings from a miscarriage can show up in your dreams.

Do Dreams Always Have a Meaning?

It is hard to say. Some experts claim that they have a meaning while others say they are not related to our waking life. The single most important thing to do is compare the dream with your waking life.

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