As a nutritionist, here are some beverage drinks that can cause or worsen bloating;


Soda is a carbonated beverage containing artificial sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients such as sucralose, which can increase gas and bloating conditions. Sucralose and the high sugars can significantly lower the healthy gut microbiome and increase stomach water, increasing gas when food is broken down. Lemon water and pineapple frappe are healthy alternatives with no bloating effects.


Milk is a healthy beverage but can worsen bloating, especially in people with lactose intolerance, as they cannot fully digest the lactose sugars in most dairy products. I recommend you swap your cup of milk with peppermint tea, a herbal tea with numerous nutrients that can improve your health.


Seltzer water contains carbon dioxide gas which induces bubbles in the stomach, adding up gas. When mixed with alcohol, the bubbles and inflammation effects can lead to bloating and other stomach stresses. Opt for red wine to lower bloating risks.

Other beverages to avoid include; alcohol, coffee, protein shakes, and soups.

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