Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 to legalize the growth, possession, sale, and use of industrial hemp and CBD, CBD oil has become legal at federal levels. However, this bill mandated the states to develop their laws regarding CBD. Because of this, state laws vary, and while one state may allow CBD oil consumption, the product is illegal in others states. Therefore, being up-to-date with your CBD state laws will help you avoid legal issues. Also, if you are traveling, research the laws of your destination before taking your CBD products with you. Are you a resident of Alabama, or do you plan to travel to this state? Here is everything you need to know about CBD oil in Alabama.

CBD Oil is Discriminately Legal in Alabama

The legality of CBD oil in Alabama is discriminatory in that no one is allowed to have CBD oil unless they are diagnosed with seizures and epilepsy. Besides, one needs a doctor’s recommendation to possess CBD oil. The University of Alabama first studied the effectiveness of CBD oil in 2016, and when the findings proved promising, it opened doors for CBD laws flexibility. As a result, House Bill 393 was passed to allow legal use and consumption of CBD oil in Alabama, exclusively for those diagnosed with seizures, and advised to take CBD oil.

CBD Oil Products Should Have Less than 0.3% THC Concentration

Alabama is one of the strictest states regarding cannabis or medical marijuana laws. Currently, possessing medical marijuana (MMJ), consuming it, or distributing it is considered a misdemeanor and may translate to a felony. One may be jailed for up to one year and pay a $6,000 penalty fee for possessing or peddling MMJ. Also, CBD oil is allowed for people with seizures, but the total THC concentrations in the products must not exceed 0.3%.

Pharmacies are Allowed to Sell CBD Oil Products

CBD oil has become mainstream in the US, whether in isolate-based, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum formulations. However, in Alabama, only pharmacies can sell CBD oil products. General stores and shops are not legally allowed to sell CBD oil creams, cosmetics, tinctures, or vapes.

A Doctor’s Recommendation Is Required Before Using CBD Oil

The only condition that warrants permission to possess or consume CBD oil and its products is epilepsy and seizures. Even in such cases, getting a doctor’s recommendation is a requirement to use CBD oil for these conditions.

Caretakers for Seizure Patients Warrants Defense for CBD Oil Possession in Alabama

The CBD laws in Alabama allow people to defend themselves when found with CBD oil products if they take care of a person with seizure attacks. One can consider the services of attorneys and lawyers. The Alabama CBD oil state laws allow one to defend himself based on medical conditions should he be found with illegal possession of CBD oil products.

Is CBD Oil from Medical Marijuana Legal in Alabama?

Medical marijuana (MMJ) is illegal in Alabama, and possessing its derivatives is considered a misdemeanor. CBD oil and products made from medical marijuana are considered Schedule I substances in Alabama, making them illegal. This is because MMJ has high THC concentrations, and products made from its CBD oil derivatives will have more than 0.3% THC concentration.

Is Traveling with CBD Oil legal in Alabama?

CBD state laws vary, and what’s legal in your state may be illegal in another. It is advisable not to have CBD oil or its products while traveling into Alabama from another state and vice versa. If you have to, have a doctor’s recommendation for the product and do your research to know if the state you are traveling to or from allows CBD oil possession.


Although the Farm Bill legalized CBD oil federally, state laws on this cannabinoid vary widely. For instance, Alabama only allows CBD oil for those suffering from seizures. Therefore, possessing or peddling CBD oil products without proof that you suffer from seizure and a doctor’s recommendation will land you in problems. When traveling from another state into Alabama and vice versa, do your research to know what CBD laws hold.

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