Couple Have Sex On Table At Restaurant

Couple Have Sex On Table At Restaurant

Last week a couple shocked fellow diners at a restaurant when they decided to skip mains and go straight to the dessert. The duo were having sex in plain sight on the table of the Irish-themed bar in Orlando, Florida, and shoo-ed the host away so that they could finish. Horrified parents, children and fellow diners left the restaurant appalled.

After a few minutes, the furious diner manager soon realised what the raunchy couple were up to and asked them to stop what they were doing, pay up and leave – but Jeremie Calo, 32, had other ideas. “She can’t get up at this time,” Jeremie said about his partner, and kept on jackrabbiting.

The police got involved when they were called to the scene to deal with Calo and his date. Not because he was having sex in public on the eatery’s table, but because he refused to settle his bill for $101.00. That’s about £62.50.

Jeremie Calo and his date weren’t charged for their indecent exposure, and managed to avoid jail time for their public fornication as nobody wanted to make a formal statement. Calo, however, was arrested for fighting with the manager and refusing to pay his bill.

If you feel like getting frisky and you’re intrigued by the idea of al fresco intimacies, don’t do it on a dinner table in front of restaurant guests and diners. Instead, use our guide to get a better idea of the hows and wheres to choose the perfect spot.

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