Meal delivery services have been a real-time saver for most people. It is indisputable that putting a healthy meal on the table, especially after a long a day can be a challenging task. The only option that most people have is ordering a prepared meal.

Many people find it difficult to shop for ingredients, organize for meals, and cook. This is particularly true for those leading a busy life filled with fixed timelines, family caring, or running a household. There are several meal delivery services from which you can order healthy foods. However, they are not all made equal. To ensure that you don’t compromise the diet’s nutritional quality, it’d be worth ordering foods from a healthy meal delivery service. This article discusses the best and healthy meal delivery services.


Sunbasket prepares healthy meals that are based on whole, nutrient-dense ingredients. This popular healthy meal delivery service will provide options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a certified organic handler, the Sunbasket emphasize on using wild-caught seafood, organic produce, and organic eggs. Its meals are geared to fit into a variety of dietary forms such as paleo, vegan, and low-carb.


The Sunbasket meals options are not monotonous as they change weekly and are offered as ready meal options and meal kits.

You can terminate your membership at Sunbasket any time. You can also postpone delivery weeks if you are out of the area of jurisdiction.

Their meals take a shorter time to prepare, often 30 minutes.


Sunbasket doesn’t ship foods to some parts of Montana, North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Mexico.

While the company offer gluten-free and dairy-free choices, a meal recommendation for people with severe allergy is not offered.

Sample Meals

Water chestnuts, pineapple fried rice with tofu, and shichimi togarashi.

Catalan chicken alongside romesco and Spanish green beans.

Italian sausages served with stone fruit mostarda and sauteed greens.

Yucatecan tsukume turkey meatballs served with smashed cucumber salad.

Sunbasket offers meals for different types of diet plans like pescatarian, paleo, Mediterranean, chef’s choice, lean & clean, carb-conscious, and vegetarian. Their dinner prices start at $10.99.

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen deliver meals that don’t require any further preparation. Chefs and dietitians at the Snap Kitchen are highly experienced and they create meal plans that ensures that delivered meals are tasty, nutritionally complete, and healthy. It offers meals that fit into dietary patterns such as paleo, Whole 30, high protein, and vegetarian.


Their meals can be kept in the freezer for future use.

You can cancel, postpone, or skip a meal delivery easily.

Snap Kitchen offer meals that fit people with specific dietary restrictions like paleo.

Their meals are fully prepared and can be eaten on the go.


Snap Kitchen no longer uses compostable trays. Instead, they switched to plastic.

It doesn’t deliver meals in certain states.

Sample meals

Baked ziti, smoked salmon sushi bowl, cajun salmon, cod piccata, za’atar chicken, bruschetta chicken among others.

Snap Kitchen usually does its delivery and shipping 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. on the days you make a delivery. All their meals are free of gluten, artificial preservatives, refined sugars, and soy. Meals options per week you can choose from are 6 priced from $11.67 or 12 starting at $9.98.


Factor is a popular meal delivery service, formally called Factor 75. Its meals are made by certified chefs and dietitians and are delivered fully prepared and may require only little reheating. Their meals are made to suit a variety of dietary forms such as keto, low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free.


Factor offer fully prepared meals that require no cooking and can be eaten on the go.

It makes meals that fit different eating patterns, including paleo or vegetarian. The meals are also checked by dietitians before delivery.

Its meals can be kept in the freezer for future use.


It offers meals in plastic trays that are not environmentally friendly.

It is not a good meal delivery option for vegetarian as most of its meals are not based on plants

Sample Meals

BBQ pulled chicken, brisket ropa vieja, mustard salmon, creole shrimp jambalaya, grilled pesto chicken, peanut buddha bowl, eggplant ratatouille served with white corn polenta, and carnitas style pork, among others.

Unlike other meal delivery services, Factor deliver meals in all states of the United States. Working hours are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. A 4-meal plan per week is offered at $10.99 while 18-meal plan per week starts at $9.89.

The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen deliver healthy and nutrient-dense meals upon your order. Its meals are fully prepared and in a frozen state and require little reheating in the microwave. The company sources its ingredients from local farms to make high-quality products.


The Good Kitchen makes meals are suitable for different eating patterns like keto, low fat, paleo, primal, Whole 30 Approved, and vegetarian.

Its meals are fully prepared and can be enjoyed on the go.

The meals are of high quality and can keep for up 6 months in the freezer.

You can cancel, skip, or postpone your delivery easily.

The Good Kitchen makes its meals in a 100% gluten-free, peanut-free, and soy-free facility, making it a good alternative for people with food allergies.


The Good Kitchen meals are a bit pricey. This is probably due to the use of high-quality ingredients such as pastured chicken and grass-fed meat.

Its meal plans may not wholesomely fit people with preference on plant-based diets likevegetarians.

It has a strict delivery date making it hard for customers to choose an appropriate date for them

Sample Meals

Barbacoa beef hash, chicken puttanesca served with quinoa, ranchero chicken and eggs, tinga chicken served with a bowl of rice, roasted chicken breast served with eggplant caponata, and harissa asparagus served with sesame brown rice and kale.

The Good Kitchen delivers meals in all states of the continental United States. Orders are placed on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST and meals are delivered on Wednesday.


There are many meal delivery services you can order meals from. However, only a few offers healthy meals. This article has reviewed some of the best meal delivery services that offer meals suitable for people with varied eating patterns. They are also healthy and checked with certified dietitians.