A healthy breakfast can help you become leaner and more successful in losing weight. Discover these foods you should take in the morning, especially if you are trying to lose weight below.

Weight loss has been challenging in recent years following the misleading information from various sources.If other options are not working, find a dietitian to lead you through the best weight-loss morning diet.  Most people are addicted to certain foods that must be avoided in the weight loss journey. Exercising and lifting weights without a healthy diet in the picture weight loss can be challenging. Moreover, your breakfast has a big impact on the weight loss activities in your program.Therefore, it is important to identify the healthy breakfast foods that support weight loss. If you do not know where to start, here are the great options that can get you started.


Eggs are a rich protein source that can make a better weight loss breakfast.Let us face it, a weight-loss journey without eggs can fail. Eggs contain impressivecompoundsthat are friendly to weight loss.For instance, they are rich in l vitamins and minerals, including selenium and riboflavin. Furthermore, eggs are a true powerhouse of protein that is a major weight loss fuel. Proteins affect one’s eating pattern, lowering calories in the body. It is proven that protein increases the feeling of fullness and reduces appetite, helping one eat less throughout the day; thus, losing weight.

Wheat Germ

As a healthy part of the wheat kernel, wheat germ is rich in minerals and nutrients that can speed up weight loss when served for breakfast. This edible wheat kernel part contains manganese, fiber, and selenium. Fiber intake reduces your appetite and stabilizes blood sugar, which is associated with weight gain.


Bananas have few calories and more fibers; thus, one of the best breakfast foods for weight loss.Fiber has many bodyweight regulators that help you lose pounds within a short time. Most interestingly,bananas contain resistant starch thatreduces food intake. Whether ripe or cooked, bananas can be the next big thing in your weight loss program.


Yogurt is a better alternativeto sugary beveragesthat cause obesity. This dairy product is rich in proteins that can make your weight loss journey successful. Eating Greek yogurt every morning provides more proteins that lower your hunger for weight-losing eating habits. Furthermore, it is a good snack that delays hunger signals from reaching the brain for interpretation.However, some processedyogurts do not have enough protein to manage weight loss. Therefore, read the labels carefully to avoid buying yogurt that does not meet your needs and preferences.

Green Tea

Green tea canhelp you lose weight within a short time.  This tea is rich in an antioxidant that speeds up weight loss in fat-burning in a process called thermogenesis. Furthermore, green tea contains catechins that increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation, thus promoting weight loss.Take the tea three times per day to burn more calories and realize your body goals.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are rich in fiber that improves weight loss by absorbing water to form a gel. As a result, your stomach remains full for a longer time. Furthermore, chia seeds contain proteins that reduce your appetite and slows the emptying of your stomach. Proteins delay hunger signals from reaching your brain to be relayed by reducing levels of ghrelin.


Nuts are super rich in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats that speed up weight loss. Nuts are easy to prepare and a good alternative to heavy breakfast snacks. To get started, roast, boil, or dry fry and serve nuts with a healthybeverage, including yogurt or green tea. Substitute blue or jam with nut butter for a healthybreakfast that can make you successful in weight loss.


Are you looking for a delicious breakfast meal that can replace high-calorie foods? If yes, Oatmeal can be a great option, especially when trying to lose weight.Prepared from dehusked, flattened, and steamed oats, Oatmeal contains low calories with high fiber and proteins. For instance, protein reduces your appetite and increases the feeling of fullness by slowing the emptying of your stomach. Fiber absorbs water to form a gel that makes you feel full for a long time.


Taking a cup of coffee every morning can make you lose more pounds in few days. The caffeine content in coffee boosts metabolism and speeds up fat burning. However, buying coffee from eateries can disappoint you because of poor preparation. That said, read the labels carefully to avoid drinking unrewarding coffee. If possible, prepare your coffee at home.


The weight loss journey requires a carefulfollow-up of instructions provided to manage. Many people are spending money and time on lifting weight and downloading workout instructions from the internet. However, it can be difficult to lose weight without having a healthy diet in the picture. Your breakfast foods should include nuts, chia seeds, Oatmeal, yogurt, almonds, coffee, green tea, and wheat germ to get started in the weight loss journey.

Crystal Kadir

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