How Does Guilt Harm Us Psychologically in The Long-Term?

Living with unsolved gilt can take a toll on your psychological and physiological well-being. For the former, it makes you feel worthless or inferior, while on the latter, it triggers insomnia and physical pain.

Actionable Tips to Forgive Yourself

 Acknowledge Your Feelings

Accepting and welcoming your emotions allows you to let go of the past faster.

Add A Voice to Your Thoughts

As a registered psychiatrist, I found out that accepting your thoughts and feelings out loud eases the struggle of letting go of the past. I also advise you to tell your inner self that the mistake is your great lesson.

Talk To Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic encourages thinking patterns that affect your ability to let go of the past. For this reason, taking to your inner critic, especially through journaling, helps you identify these thinking partners, eliminate them and practice self-compassion.

How To Accept Responsibility of Past Mistakes and Move On

Let Go of The Conflict

Holding the conflict can significantly harm your future. That said, I advise you to let go of the conflict for a happy and healthy life.

Get Lessons from The Past Mistakes

Whether small or serious, making your past mistakes a learning experience can help you move on quickly. Getting lessons from your mistakes is also a great way to avoid stepping on the same rake in the future.

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