Relationship to Start Therapy Together

Is It Ever Too Early in A Relationship to Start Therapy Together?

You can start couples therapy together even if your relationship is three or six months old. It’s never too early to see a therapist with your partner.

When Should Couples Consider Couples Therapy?

Couples should consider couples therapy when they disagree frequently, but their issues go unsolved. It is also important to go for couples therapy when the relationship is attacked by infidelity, trauma, or financial strain.

How Does Individual Therapy Benefit Couples Therapy?

Individual therapy helps one move around their mental health concerns, including anxiety, extreme anger, or PTSD. When a person is mentally healthy, there is a good chance they will fully participate in couples therapy.

How Is Couples Therapy Different from Individual Therapy?

Couples therapy focuses on the needs of both partners, while individual therapy addresses one partner’s concerns.

Can One Person in The Relationship Take Therapy and Still Benefit the Relationship?

 If your partner doesn’t value couples therapy, you can see the therapist alone and still transform your relationship.

When Is Couples Therapy Unnecessary?

Couples therapy is unnecessary if one or both people are unwilling to accept their contribution to the struggling relationship.

How Will Online Couples Therapy Be Different from In-Person Couples Therapy?

Unlike in-person couples therapy, online couples therapy favors long-distance relationships and can get along with your daily routine. However, you are more likely to miss important cues during the virtual sessions. Online sessions are also more prone to interruptions.

Barbara Santini

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