Avocadoes are among the best nutrient-richfruits that are healthy for our bodies and you can enjoy them without worries. However, you may be wondering how you can eat them without getting bored.Learn simple ways of eating avocados and improve your fruit intake, minerals, and vitamins.

Avocado is a fruit rich in vitamin K, fiber, copper, pantothenic acid, and healthy fats. By eating a third of anavocado, your body gains 80 calories and 20 minerals and vitamins. It seems like a surprise, right? So, how can you eat this precious fruit and enjoy its creamy taste? Various ideas are available to help you add avocado to your daily diet and reap its benefits.Its recipe is always delicious but somehow challenging. As such, here are the best way to prepare your avocado recipe other than the common ones.

Try OutAvocado Fries

The great secret to making your avocado delicious and useful is by eating it as fries. With this idea, you can make the creamiest fries you have ever tasted in your entire life. It is very simple, and you won’t even need a fryer. All you need to do is to slice your avocados and keep them in beaten eggs. Then roll them inside the breadcrumbs and bake them with a heat of 400 and leave themuntilthey becomecrispy.

Eat It as ACreamy Salad Dressing

When you hear the term creamy salad,you canimagine the sweetness. Single avocado fruit is very powerful in making anything or everything creamy. To make a creamy salad dressing, use vinegar and oil as your ingredients. Put them in a clean blender and add your chopped avocado. Blend it until it becomes creamy. You can add fresh herbs to make it testier.

Apply ADressing on Top of It

This is one of the easiest and best ways you can enjoy the avocado sweetness. With this secret, you just the avocado itselfbut with some dressing. Avocado is only sweet when it is creamy. Enjoy your fruitby dividing it into two halves. Spray some vinaigrette at the center of each half and you will be ready for some sweet salad.

Make Some Chocolate Mousse

Avocado has a mild flavor, so to make it testier, add some creaminess from plant herbs. If you want to eat it as a whole dessert, use anover-ripen avocado, which is also a great way of eating an avocado. Make the chocolate mousse by following these simple steps. Mix the over-ripenavocado and add 6 ounces of melted semisweet chocolate. Add a tablespoon of honey followed by a small amount of salt tomake the mixture tasty. Blend it until it becomes smooth. If you need extra creaminess, fluffiness or light, add whipped cream into the mixture of chocolate and avocado. Enjoy it with your family or even friends.

Fill It with Meat Crab

Do you want to make your extra avocado special but you don’t know how to do it? Here is a simple hack. To get a very impressive appetizer, fill your avocado with meat crab, or even acrab salad. This works perfectly well with tuna salad or just tuna itself. Top it up with olive, flaky salt, and a small amount of fresh lemon juice.

Whirl It into Hummus

Don’t think of hummus as something strange since it is just an empty canvas, and all you need to do is paint with your avocado.

Begin with blending the chickpeas, tahini olive oil, and lemon juice. Blend it until it reaches your preferred smoothness. After that, you can add your sliced avocado. Smash and stir your mixture with a fork to get a chunkier texture. It can also be pureed to get a completely smooth texture and add to the hummus.

Eat Them with Hot Dogs

Have you ever heard of the Sonoran Dog before? If not yet, get ready to learn about the beauty of this extra delicacy. Follow these steps and make the besthot dogladen with avocado. Begin with grilling the bacon that is wrapped in a hot dog. Toast them with some buns and apply nestle to the hot dog buns. Use pinto beans as top-up add avocado slices and jalapenos. On top of them, add mayo and then garnish them with fresh cilantro or even potato crumbled chips. With this, you will never want to eat hot dogs plain or made in another way.

Use Avocado to Make the Best Deviled Egg

Guacamole is the most common way of eating avocados. It is also simple and the easiest to make. To prepare some basic guacamole, fill the eggs with guacamole as you deviled them. You can also add the yolks if you want.

Make ALemon Guacamole

Initially, adding guacamole with lemon flavor was a thing for Americans. Butyou can try to make it without the lemon juice. Don’t think that it will be a crazy thing or even tasteless. Try it once and get the perfect taste of your guacamole.

Bake Them with Eggs

Are you tired of eating avocado with chips and bread? Of course, eggs are the best when it comes to eating avocados. Set your oven to the heat of about 450 degrees. Divide your avocados into two halves and place them in a baking bowl. Add hot sauce and an egg divided into two halves. Bake it only for 12 minutes.

Grill Your Avocados

Divide a few avocados,apply some oil, and then add a hot grill to them. Warm for only one or two minutes. Serve your cream with that hot meat from the grill.

The Bottom Line

Avocadoes are among the best nutrient-rich fruits that you can eat and get some unmatched benefits. They are rich in vitamin K, fiber, copper, pantothenic acid, and healthy fats. One-third of avocado also contains 80 calories and 20 minerals and vitamins.

While most people prefer slicing and eating them, there are several ways you can incorporate avocados into your daily diet and enjoy their tastes. Therefore, using the above simple ways can help you get the most out of your ripe avocados.

Marie Salbuvik

MS, Lund University, Sweden

Nutrition plays an important role in human life. Eating habits are one of the factors that affect our health. There is often a misconception among people that nutritionists force a very restrictive diet, but that is not true. In fact, I don't ban any products, but I point out dietary mistakes and help change them by giving tips and new recipes that I've tried myself. I advise my patients not to resist change and to be purposeful. Only with willpower and determination can a good result be achieved in any area of life, including changing eating habits. When I don't work, I love to go climbing. On a Friday evening, you are most likely to find me on my couch, cuddling with my dog and watching some Netflix.

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