WyldCbd Review

WyldCbd Review


Wyld CBD is one among the many leading board-spectrum CBD edible manufacturing companies. It aims at providing its customers with the safest organic THC free CBD products with the best quality ingredients. These products are meant for customers with underlying health conditions and those meaning to live a happy and adventurous lifestyle.  Some of the health conditions that Wyld CBD products take care of include pain, anxiety, chronic aches, daily stress, sleep disorders, depression and skin conditions. In addition, these products have also been proven to manage Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Schizophrenia. Although the company offers solutions to many health conditions, it provides minimal forms of products. The available product lines are edibles, gummies and sparkling water. These products have been approved by a third-party lab to be toxic-free and contain healthy amounts of CBD to THC ratios. One of the many unique features of these products is that artificial sweeteners and non-synthetic ingredients add flavour to them. This has made them more attractive to customers compared to other brands.The products have been proven to accommodate both cannabis users and non-cannabis users.  The company has made sure every customer can afford their products by making their prices average and affordable.

About The Company

WYLD CBD is a progressive and independent CBD company founded in 2019 by Aaron Morris and Chris Joseph.  It is located in Portland, Central Oregon, and it is proven to be the best selling CBD brand in the United States. According to our research, we realized that the primary goal of this company was to provide the best quality and tasting CBD products in the world. They offer natural fruit infused broad-spectrum CBD edibles, gummies, and sparkling water. The organic hemp plant is used as the primary source of their products. Although they get their CBD to isolate from different producers, they have stated that their hemp is grown on Oregon farms. For the manufacturing of the final products, they pass the hemp through the carbon dioxide extraction or distilled extraction while mixing it with other solutions. These two founders wanted to give their customers the best experience with CBD edibles through natural flavours real fruits. Although the company has omitted its foundation story on its website page, we researched to get more information on this brand. Our analysis showed that the company has developed from humble beginnings. Through their operational excellence, partnership with successful retailers and commitment to product quality, they have managed to be an independent and international company in CBD products.

Since their main agenda is providing what is best for their customers, they manufacture products with different flavours. These flavours are blackberry, blood orange, wild raspberry and lemon flavours. They have also taken it upon themselves to ensure that they do product innovation by consulting quality experts and food scientists. On further research, we realized that these products are only available in five states, but the company is in the process of launching more branches. These states are Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona and Colorado. Through their website, we gathered information about the nature of the products offered and their specified uses. They have set out the website so that every product page gives accurate information about a product, its usage and a link on the third-party test results.

Additionally, a buying and shipping section has been included for online buyers. The process is relatively easy since customers are given direct access to all products through one main link. Shipping is done for free for orders worth $50 and above but charge a $3 flat-rate fee for orders below this. The company also offers discounts to its customers. The exclusive newsletter sales areprovided to customers who sign up to receive price updates, discounts and sales. Veteran discount is provided when a coupon code is entered before checkout. They receive a 20% discount. Customers can return products within 30 days and receive their money back. For customer enquiry services about their production process, lab tests and ingredients, they have provided a reliable email address. Their customer services are top-notch through the customers’ reviews, and they reply within the same day of enquiry.

The company has partnered with some local and national organizations to help in bringing positive change to society. They are committed to being stewards of the environment by engaging with organizations that support social and racial justice, improving the health and wellness of people in society and contributing to repairing negative impacts brought by the war on drugs. It aims at using its success to provide a better future for the people and the planet in general.

Manufacturing Process

As stated earlier, WYLD CBD sources its products from a cannabinoid plant known as hemp. This organic non-GMO plant is grown in Oregon though supplied by different suppliers. The company manufactures and prepares its products in a GMP certified facility. The primary extraction process they use to obtain CBD products from hemp is the Carbon dioxide process, although they use the distillation process for some products. CO2 extraction is preferred to any other method since it produces accurate and pure cannabinoid products. The first process is pumping solid CO2 into a chamber containing the hemp. Due to the structure of the chamber, it turns CO2 into liquid form, which then absorbs hemp’s oils and flavours. The mixture is then pumped into another chamber which turns CO2 into gas which evaporates and leaves the oils and flavours behind. For extracts that are not trusted to be pure, the company runs them through a short distillation process to produce refined products. This process begins by heating the CBD oil until contaminants such as terpenoids and flavonoids start to evaporate. These vapours are then passed through a distillation tube where they condense upon cooling and drip to different containers leaving the pure oil as the extract. This process works under the fact that all CBD oils have a different boiling point, while the CO2 process takes advantage of the fact that CO2 can change to all stages of matter.

The final extracts are then formulated with MCT oil to allow easy digestion and absorption in the body. The company has verified its products for purity and assurance that they contain no heavy metals, pesticides or foreign contaminants. The centralized lab results webpage has attached the results for each product and they have proven to be contaminant free and contain the labelled THC and CBD contents. These results also included the products’ variances. The wild raspberry flavoured vegan gummies were tested to have the highest variance of 4%, equal to 25.1 mg of CBD per gummy. Consequently, their unique huckleberry fruit gummies were tested to have the lowest variance of 24.7 mg of CBD per gummy, equivalent to a 1.2% variance. We proved the product’s authenticity through the QR code provided on the label and the Certificate of Analysis provided through their customer care desk.

Range Of Products

WyldCBD has allowed its customers to choose from their two types of a product catalogues. These product lines are gummies and fruit-flavoured sparkling water. These products are broad-spectrum, and their prices range from $19.95 to $104.95. These prices are considered average comparing them to other CBD brands. We overviewed these product catalogues during our research.

Wyld CBD Flavoured Sparkling Water

Wyld CBD Flavoured Sparkling Water

According to our analysis, Wyld has been working on compounding its fruit flavours for some time. The flavoured water is considered as the result of this formulation. These products are mixed with other natural fruit juices such as lemon, huckleberry, blackberry and wild raspberry. The products have been tested and approved by an independent thirdparty. The company has recommended it as refreshment for thirst and no other specific uses.

Wyld CBD Gummies

These are a broad gluten-free spectrum, full-flavouredWyld gummies. They contain no artificial sweetness and have a non-detectable THC amount. The company provides these vegan gummies through CO2 extraction and mixes them with blends of natural fruit juices to give its customers an adventurous and active lifestyle. Some of the benefits of using these gummies are:

  • Help get rid of sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Increasing the brain’s power and enhancing memory
  • Eliminating anxiety and providing a good digestive system.

Some specific Wyld products we were able to review were:

Huckleberry CBD Gummies

Huckleberry CBD Gummies

These are organic broad-spectrum CBD gummies slightly sprinkled with natural fruit sugar. They are known to have a flat, rectangular shape and dark purple with a slightly softer texture than other gummies. They have gone through purity testing and been proved to contain no pesticides or residues. One bottle containing a total of 250mg of CBD costs $19.95.

Lemon CBD Gummies

Lemon CBD Gummies

Like the huckleberry, these gummies are also rectangular shaped and contain a soft texture butdark golden yellow. The company has made sure that although they contain a few grams of natural sugar on the outside, they do not have a strong fruity taste which would irritate some users.

Blood Orange CBD Sparkling Water

Blood Orange CBD Sparkling Water

This is a dark orange, broad-spectrum CBD product which contains natural pressure extracted fruit flavours. The product contains carbonated water as an added ingredient to give the water a fizzy consistency. The recommended dosage is one 12 fl oz can per day.

Raspberry CBD Sparkling Water

Raspberry CBD Sparkling Water

Unlike the blood orange water, this one has a medium red to dark pink colour, and it is recommended for use anytime. It contains no synthetic products, and it is proven to contain no contaminants and heavy metals. It is stored in aluminium cans and only added carbonated water to provide a fizzy experience.

Each product arrives with the nutritional values, usage instructions, ingredients and other information about the product on the can.

Why Do We Like The Company

Unlike other CBD companies, Wyld has gone out of its way and found a way to provide an extraordinary experience for its customers by adding fruit flavours. This makes the products easy and sweet to consume, which attracts many customers to this brand. The company has also offered sparkling water, which is only meant as a refreshment. This means that customers do not have to be going through health issues to consume these products. Feedback from the customer service desk is also given on time. Any questions asked are answered clearly within the same day of asking.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

Although they provide unique products, their variety is minimal compared to other brands. They only offer edibles and flavoured water, which is a minimal catalogue of products. The company should at least add additional product lines and expand its business.  Their website has not provided all the needed information for customers. Customers requiring further research will have to look for information from other sources since their page does not reveal everything. This shows a lack of transparency.


Wyld CBD is a fast-growing CBD company, and it offers good quality and proven products. We would recommend customers with insomnia, anxiety and other health conditions try these products because they have been proven to help other consumers. The company has also made sure that products accommodate all customers by providing different flavours for all products, therefore, safe to consume them.

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