From my research, taking antidepressants does not guarantee better health compared to those who don’t take them. A good number of my clients reported a negative change in their physical and mental health after long-term use of antidepressants compared to how they were before starting the medications.

Over time, similar to most drugs, antidepressants can have the following side effects on your health that are likely to lead to a low life quality when compared to people not taking these medications; long-term use of SSRIs antidepressants is linked to a diminished sex desire and sexual dysfunction as the drugs alter how the normal functioning of dopamine and serotonin chemicals.

In the long run, antidepressants can cause unintended weight gain, increase your risks of type 2 diabetes and alter blood sugar regulation which translates to poorer health quality. Though antidepressants can effectively lower the depressing symptoms, using them regularly does not mean you will have a better life quality compared to individuals not taking them. 

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