Blue Moon Hemp is a committed company in ensuring it makes the world a better place by offering a natural solution using hemp-based products. It contains a well-defined website with significant information spread all over. In addition, its products are designed to enhance sleep, wellness, increase focus, anxiety, digestion, and analgesic. Its products are carefully manufactured using hemp extracts, among other useful ingredients. Blue Moon Hemp manufactures top-shelf products at considerable prices. In addition, it offers a wide range of potency varieties from 14 mg to 3,000 mg of CBD. Their products include topicals, gummies, tinctures, oral sprays, gels caps, pet products for dogs and cats, and whole hemp flowers. Before the products are released to the market, they are tested for purity and potency to ensure they are safe for consumption. Although the company relies on the hemp plant, it also blends other ingredients such as MCT oil to maximize effectiveness. To keep learning about Blue Moon Hemp, kindly keep reading our review.

About the Company

Blue Moon Hemp manufactures the best products because it has everything under its control right from the seed level of its primary raw material (hemp plant ) till the products are in the hands of its customers. Since the company desires to give the best to the market, they closely monitor its hemp growth until it is ready for harvest. According to the company, they avoid using harmful chemicals and pesticides, which might contaminate its end products. Although much information about the founder and other team members has been kept private, its main offices are in Kentucky, where all the products are dispatched. The company was established to create a variety of products to address the health and wellness concerns using the hemp plant. Since products’ safety and effectiveness are their key concern, they have an independent lab responsible for testing all the products before being released. According to the company, they prefer an independent lab since public ones have a bad reputation in terms of accuracy.

Blue Moon Hemp has its attention focused on the customers. They not only stop at offering quality products but also ensure their systems and customer support are friendly and easy to access. To enhance its customers’ buying experience, they offer product descriptions on each product on the products catalog. As we went through each product, information was helpful to both people who have been using CBD products and those about to join. It includes the ingredients, CBD potency, THC levels, recommended dosage, how to administer, the price, and a lot more.

As soon as you identify the product that suits your needs, you can start shopping. The company has one of the best systems since they are fast and easy to navigate. Notably, we could easily add products to our shopping cart and remove them with a lot of ease whenever we change our minds. As soon as we were satisfied with the products on our cart, we proceeded to make payments and wait for the goods to be delivered at the exact location. As articulated in the email, the company upheld its promise of delivering goods at the given address within five days. On the third day, we received our products as ordered and were discreetly packed. Unfortunately, the company only offers free shipping on products over $99.00, unlike most companies now offering free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases.

Since our review also focuses on the various CBD companies’ support teams, we had to reach out to them concerning their COA certification and the generative farming methods. But before we reached its support team, we decided to check if similar concerns were addressed on their FAQ page. It has one of the best FAQ pages compared to other companies. It is well-divided into four sections; products, general shipping, and account. Some of the concerns addressed include what CBD is, can their products get someone high, how can orders be tracked, how to return the products, how to create an account, and a lot more. The answers are precise but to the point, making them easy to understand.

If your concern has not been addressed as ours was not, you can reach out to its support team for further guidance. Notably, its support team is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) on Monday to Friday. However, you can reach its support team via email ([email protected]), phone number (888 223 0420), and chatbox in blue on the lower left of every page. Its support team is helpful and responds to concerns within 24 hours.

Customers who don’t find the products effective or have been damaged during shipping can return the products for replacement or a full refund. Although the company does not give specific days to allow a full refund, damaged goods are reported via its support email. Notably, upon receiving damaged products, a full refund will be approved within five to seven days to your credit card or bank.

Manufacturing Process

Blue Moon Hemp is a legalized and authorized manufacturer of hemp-based products. Although the company does not participate in hemp farming, they obtain it from a single vendor in Kentucky, USA. Since they obtain from a single farm, they can monitor its growth closely and ensure no artificial pesticides or fertilizers are used to support its growth. It highly encourages and supports its vendor to apply organic farming methods to manufacture premium products.

Despite highly relying on the organic hemp plant, it also considers other naturally occurring elements that take smaller proportions of the products. Some of the useful ingredients blended in the products include MCT oil, which enhances rapid absorption. Besides, the company also finds the C02 extraction method effective and eco-friendly compared to others. As a result, they have been maximizing their use to obtain only beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The crude oil of the beneficial elements is further blended to other elements for further manufacturing. Notably, the company’s manufacturing facility and processes adhere to FDA protocols. Although manufacturing requires chemicals to be used, the company minimizes the number of chemicals used to reduce the chances of contaminating the products.

After manufacturing, the products must be tested for potency and purity levels. This responsibility has been mandated to a reputable independent third-party lab. Besides ensuring all products have THC levels not exceeding the 0.3% limit and potency levels match the advertised products, it also conducts contaminants tests. The lab has to ensure all the products are free from harmful substances such as heavy metals and chemical residues that might have penetrated the products during manufacturing.

Range of Products

Although the company has an extensive line of products as we have mentioned earlier, we will not discuss all of them. Each product has been manufactured using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts and tested for potency and purity.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

If you are looking for the most effective and discreet manner of administering your daily CBD dosage, then gummies are the best. Pocketing, storing them on your work desk, or traveling with them is very easy. Each serving comes in colorful packaging resistant to temperature changes and various flavors and shapes. Besides, they are also offered in different potency levels, ranging from 100 mg to 1000 mg of CBD in a pack of 30 gummies. They are designed in broad-spectrum, and their primary function is to enhance optimum wellness day and night. Depending on potency levels, they are sold from $9.99 to $59.99, and the company recommends a maximum of 2: for oral use only.

Blue Moon Hemp Capsules

Blue Moon Hemp Capsules

Capsules are the second-best way of administering your CBD dosage. They are administered at one go and can be easily stored in your working desk. The company recommends its customers take one capsule a day in the morning (with 25 mg of CBD extracts). The capsules are 100% natural and vegan made from organic hemp plant extracts. However, the dosage might continue to vary as time goes by, depending on the effectiveness. They are for oral use only and can be administered using your favorite beverage or water. Notably, the capsules are designed to increase energy in the body and enhance sleep. Blue Mon Hemp provides them in 30 counts ($39) and 60 counts ($69).

Blue Moon Hemp CBD tinctures

Blue Moon Hemp CBD tinctures

The company manufactures some of the most effective tinctures in four potency ranges( 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 mg of CBD), using organically grown CO2 hemp plant extracts. Unlike the capsules and gummies, they can be administered sublingually, orally, if not added in the foods or beverages. They are formulated broad-spectrum, and each serving comes with a well-market dropper. The dropper aims to help you administer the recommended dosage of 1ml of CBD every day.

What we like about the company

Although the company has no farms that would help it closely monitor its hemp growth, they rely only on one Kentucky vendor. The vendor has a good reputation for practicing regenerative organic farming practices to help the company achieve its dream of coming up with natural plant-based products. Additionally, the company offers a reward of up to $25 to people who refer its products and other exclusive reward programs. Besides, it also offers discounts to various special groups such as veterans and people living with long-term disabilities.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has nearly everything in place, a few areas are un-tackled. First, the company should reconsider offering free shipping or rather lower the cut-off for free shipping; $99 is rather too high. In addition, since not all products have contaminant lab results, the company should avoid such cases to maximize the customers’ confidence.

Overall Verdict

The company performs excellently within the CBD market due to high-quality products that most customers have found effective. According to its review page, about 90% of customers who buy its products end up gaining help. Unlike most companies with extensive shortcomings, they have to deal with a few areas to make them better and increase the confidence of their customers. If you have been looking for the best CBD suppliers who indeed care about your health and wellness rather than making profits, Blue Moon Hemp is the best option for you.

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