Romaine Lettucehas nutritional benefits you may be unaware of. What are they? Find out below.

You already know that leafy greens are healthy, but why should you consider having more romaine lettuce in your meals than others? This type of lettuce is often underrated when selecting nutritious foods, yet, it’s among the most nutritional vegetables with plenty of minerals and vitamins. Whether you want to lose weight, have glowing skin, a healthier body, or have something yummy to bite, romaine is what you need to add to your diet.Let me show you the nutritional benefits of romaine lettuce, and I’ll leave you to decide if you’ll ever miss a portion of it in your diet after reading this.

Nutritional Content of Romaine Lettuce

Any dietician will get excited to know that romaine lettuce contains less than ten calories and has about 1.5 grams of carbohydrates. It’s loaded with important minerals like calcium, phosphorous,magnesium, and potassium.In addition, it contains Vitamin C,vitamin K, and folate. It’s also a great source of carotenoids, and beta carotene, converted to Vitamin A inside the body.

What Benefits Does Romaine Lettuce Provide?

Improves bowel movements

Romaine lettuce is the secret if you want to avoid constipation. The fiber present in this vegetablehelps to make the bowel have regular movements.

Aids in weight loss

One cup of romaine contains only 8 calories. While you’ll enjoy this crunchy food, it’ll also help you burnfats in the body. Adding it to your meal keeps you more full and can save you from craving high-calorie foods.

It boosts your immunity

All vegetables naturally boostimmunity. Still, romaine is better than the rest and willkeep you protected from diseases. 1 cup of romaine contains about 11.3 milligrams of Vitamin C. Vitamins are an immune booster, and such a large amount is certainly rich in nourishing the body. The immune cells in the body will be active, thus easily kill any pathogens that may make you sick.

It gives you a healthy heart

Cholesterol is a harmful content in the body. With the unhealthy foods available today that lead to risks ofheart conditions, romaine becomes a crucialcomponent in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol; vitamin C and beta-carotene in its structure work together to break cholesterol and make your heart healthy.

Meets your hydration needs

More than often, experts have insisted on staying hydrated. Drinking water is something most individuals don’t do so much in real life. The good news is romaine lettuce can provide you with plenty of water in the body.Having 2 cups of romaine is equal to drinking half a glass of water. You can top up the water intake by adding other hydrating vegetables like cucumbers and carrots. Apart from getting healthier skin, staying hydrated will protect you from infections, improve how your organs function, and ensure your joints stays lubricated. More so, it can improve your mood and your sleeping habits.

Improves the reproductive health

Foods that are good for your health are excellent for your fertility too. Although no diet guarantees a successful reproduction capacity, incorporating nutritious foods like romaine lettuce and other dark leafy greens will boost fertility success.

Works well on your eyes

If wealth was measured in terms of the VitaminA content, I guarantee romaine would be the wealthiest among all. It has 80% of the required daily intake of this important nutrient. Vitamin is known for good vision and minimizing age-related eyes diseases. Also, the Vitamin C provided by romaine reduces the risks of cataracts.

Helps your bones

Calcium and vitamin K present in romaine helps to maintain strong and healthy bones. They also reduce bone mineral loss and fractures. If you want to have more bone health benefits, increase your Vitamin D sources like eggs, mushrooms, and tuna.

How to Select Nutritional Romaine Lettuce?

Romaine lettuce is a nutritious vegetable. Even so, it would be best if you were careful with what you pick from the market to ensure you buy only fresh ones because they contain the highest nutritional value. It should be crunchy, with no spots, or wilted. Any brown or yellow discoloration on the leaves’ edges is a big No.

Certified organically grown foods are the safe option for consumption, and that applies to romaine too. This is because they’re less exposed to pesticides and heavy metals. If you’re purchasing from a supermarket, look for the ones with USDA organic logo. If you’re buying from a local seller, be choosy not to pick non-fresh lettuce.

How Should You Store Romaine Lettuce?

Lettuces have different characteristics, and the methods used to store them are not the same. Romaine should be washed and dried before storing in the refrigerator. This is to remove the excess moisture. Before storing, place in a plastic bag or wrap in a damp cloth. Romaine can lastfive to seven days. Like other types of lettuce, it should be kept away from fruits that produce ethylene, such as apples, bananas, and pears, to avoid making them brown.

How to Prepare Romaine Lettuce

Remove the outer leaves, and cut off the tips because they’re bitter. Chop the remaining part into your preferred size, and throw the bottom root. Rinse and dry to get rid of excess water.

Serving ideas for romaine lettuce;

  • Add crunchiness to your sandwich by garnishing with romaine leaves
  • Add well chopped, and spread romaine to other crunchy foods like sweet potato to make it tastier and healthier
  • Romaine goes well with soups and stir-fries; add it near the end of the cooking to prevent it from getting too soggy
  • Pack it for your child in a lunchbox, together with a colored toothpick to hold the mix
  • Add creativity to your salads. Make it tastier by mixing your romaine lettuce with other types of lettuce and other fruits that add some sweetness.
  • To have an attractive meal, mix nuts, well-sized vegetables, and chicken. Making romaine lettuce as a wrap will make your food appear unique and tasty


Romaine lettuce is undoubtedly an important leafy green. It’s lined with many nutritional benefits, with a low amount of calories, and filled with essential vitamins and minerals.What’s more, it’s a strong antioxidant and important for skin, eye, and immune health. If turning into a nutritional mode is your plan, romaine lettuce is what you need on your plate!

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