How Does the Vagus Nerve Control Orgasms

How Does the Vagus Nerve Control Orgasms?

When activated, the vagus nerve control(VNS) can eliminate trauma, shame or stress-induced sexual anxiety, treating or preventing erectile dysfunction and triggering an orgasm.

How Can the Vagus Nerve Be Stimulated in The Throat to Trigger an Orgasm?

 Insert objects (think: penis, dildo or fingers) in your mouth and throat. This causes increased blood flow to the throat and relaxed throat muscles, both of which stimulate the vagus nerve, leading to an orgasm.

Where Exactly Is the Vagus Nerve Located in The Throat?

No one really knows where the vagus nerve is located in the throat.

Does A Person Have to “Deep Throat” An Object to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve?

The vagus nerve is also connected to the mouth. For this reason, you don’t need to deep-throat an object to stimulate it.

Is It Safe to Put an Object That Far Down the Throat?

When it comes to vagus nerve stimulation and throat orgasms, it is on you to decide the far the object should go in your throat.

Are There Any Other Ways to Have a Throat Orgasm?

Other ways of having throat orgasms include stimulating the skin on the neck, singing or humming and meditating.

Where Does One Feel the Orgasm When the Vagus Nerve Is Stimulated in The Throat?

Some women feel throat orgasms in the mouth, while others feel them in the throat.

Can Men Also Experience Throat Orgasms?

Men can also experience throat orgasms.

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