Make breakfast mandatory

If you want to live long, never skip a healthy breakfast. My eldest client tells me breakfast is his most valuable meal to start the day. He mainly does Mediterranean meals or plant-based diets. On top of these, he eats wholesome nuts, and fiber-filled foods like beans, and seafood. I always use him as an example in my training sessions, and the feedback from other clients who follow suit is impressive. Such foods have nutrients and compounds that fight inflammation to reduce aging.

Have a morning to limit stress

The longest-lived people, especially in the blue zones, do not require an alarm to wake up. They sleep in the evening and get up at a specific time in the morning. It is a good way of reducing stress and increasing longevity. Perhaps your morning tasks force you to be up earlier; I recommend setting a sleeping pattern that enables earlier rising. Even most successful individuals wake up earlier and limit stress.

A morning workout is not bad

Kick off your day with exercise to improve your energy level throughout the day. It helps release endorphins to improve alertness and mood. Commit to at least three mornings every week for improved general health. You can vary between various workouts, such as, strength training, yoga, or swimming.

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