Here are some common skin conditions that tend to arise due to the summer heat;


The extreme summer heat can trigger eczema, which can be highlighted with red, oily, and itchy skin due to sweat accumulation and irritation.

Heat rash

With the hot summer temperatures, heat rash is likely to develop in kids or adults and happens when the skin holds on to the secreted sweat instead of releasing it. The condition is characterized by swollen bumps and rashes on the neck, shoulders, skin folds, or chest in infants and adults. Heat rashes can be miliaria rubra, miliaria crystallina, miliaria pustulosa or miliaria profunda depending on the skin layer it affects.

Acne and skin breakouts

The high temperatures make people sweat more, which can lead to acne or skin breakouts, especially when it comes into contact with natural skin oils or bacteria.


Sweating is common in the hot climate, which can cause psoriasis to flare up or worsen the condition due to increased skin irritations.

Sun sensitivity and sunburn

The harmful U.V. rays tend to be stronger in summer, which can increase the risk of sunburn and sensitivity in people with light skin, using products that can weaken the skin density or with existing conditions like lupus.

How to Attempt to Prevent Flare-Ups in The Heat/Hot Weather

  • Wear light and loose clothes to enhance skin breathing and moisture loss to the environment. 
  • Shade yourself from extreme heat during peak hours from 11 .am to 3. p.m.
  • Limit your usage of skin care products or medications that can trigger pore-clogging, sun sensitivity, and sunburns.
  • Wear sunscreen with an S.P.F. of 16b daily.
  • Keep your air conditions and fans on to lower room temperatures. 
  • Quit using drugs and medications that can increase sweating like opioids, alcohol, and clonidine.
  • Take frequent cool showers.
  • Maintain adequate hydration levels, and reduce activities that can increase sweating.
  • Wear fresh clothes.
  • Avoid using moisturizing skin products packed with comedogenic or oil-based ingredients.

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