According to some research, cranberry juice is good for fighting infections, can help treat UTI, and is safe for most healthy people.

Are you prone to infections? Are you suffering from damages caused by aging? Do you want an antioxidant or an antibacterial drink? Whether you had given cranberry juice a thought or not, this drink has some very promising benefits. However, some of its consumers complain of having an unusual taste in their mouth after drinking it, or even irritation on the gums and mouth. If you are thinking of incorporating the juice in your diet, keep reading to find what it is, its benefits, and the side effects.

What is Cranberry?

This is a fruit that grows in marshes. It is normally water-harvested. It is ready for picking when the berries ripen. The good thing is, you will know it is harvesting time since the berries float on water when ripe.

The juice from this fruit is of great potential benefits. However, consuming the fruit whole is far more nutritious.

Remember, whenever you are out in the market shopping for healthy cranberry juice, ensure you read what the label contains. This means you should be well informed on the difference between the cocktail and the healthy drink. Unlike the cocktail, which has added sugars, the real cranberry juice is made entirely from real fruit and may contain natural sweeteners such as apple juice.

Therefore, once you decide to drink cranberry juice, what benefits can you anticipate?

The Benefits of Drinking Cranberry Juice

The following are some of the potential benefits you might experience from drinking cranberry juice;

Help Fight Damage Caused by Aging

As you advance in years, some chemicals accumulate in your body. They are called free radicals. They are responsible for oxidative damage. Moreover, health problems are connected with oxidative damage, such as heart disease, cancer, UTI, diabetes, and digestive health.

Thankfully, cranberry juice contains some chemicals which act as antioxidants to help fight free radicals that are harmful to your health. Therefore, since the juice has these antioxidants, it can help you deal with damaged body tissues resulting from aging.

As you incorporate the cranberry juice for this potential benefit, you can consider mixing it with berries too. They are also great antioxidants.

Help Improve Heart Health

Inflammation may damage your heart health over time. This is because, with time, it will destroy your arteries, and the plaque it attracts may cause atherosclerosis. If this is the case, incorporating food or fruit rich in anti-inflammatory properties can benefit you.

 Therefore, you can consider cranberry juice which contains phytonutrients that help protect you against inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of this juice help protect your heart health in turn.

According to a study conducted on overweight and obese men, cranberry juice daily for 8 weeks helps improve heart health. Therefore, you can trust this juice to deliver you this as one of its potential benefits.

Additionally, cranberry juice also contains polyphenols, chemicals that may help with your heart health. From a study, coronary disease patients who consumed cranberry juice had improved heart health.

Contain Antioxidants

Most fruits are great for their antioxidant properties, thanks to the phytochemicals they contain. Cranberry is no different. It has antioxidants that help protect the body against cell damage resulting from free radicals.Among these are vitamins C and E, which are good for keeping your overall health.

When you have the free radicals, you are more likely to develop cancer, heart disease, or other chronic diseases.

Research conducted on cranberry suggested that the fruit had a role to play in preventing cancer. Therefore, including the juice in your diet can help. However, keep in mind that as you do this, you should incorporate other whole fruits and berries as well. The available evidence does point out cranberry alone to help you fight cancer.

Can Help Prevent or Treat UTI

Cranberries have compounds found in plants, mostly proanthocyanidins. These compounds can help prevent or treat your UTI (urinary tract infections). However, how do they do this? They stop the attachment of bacteria to the lining of the urinary tract. This, therefore, means that they inhibit the growth and spread of the bacteria. This way, you cannot develop an infection.

As promising as this can be, it is unfortunate that the research on the connection between drinking cranberry juice and UTI has mixed results. Some say the juice effectively delivers great results, while others insist it is very ineffective. This, therefore, means that a lot of research still needs to be done to conclude.

Can help Improve Your Digestive Health

Cranberries contain phytochemicals that have an important role to play in your digestive health. With the growing evidence supporting this, you can try incorporating the juice in your diet so that you, too, can benefit.

According to a study conducted in 2018, this drink is great for improving your heart health. The point brought out clear is that when the production of the H. pylori bacterium in your stomach is prevented, you can have improved digestive health.

The available evidence on cranberry juice about this is still inadequate. More research should be conducted on cranberry juice to determine how it is linked with your digestive health.

The Side Effects

As much as there are many great potential health benefits of cranberry juice, some users have reported side effects such as irritation on the mouth. Also, the juice might interact with some drugs such as diclofenac, amoxicillin, and cyclosporine.

Therefore, if you are consuming these drugs or under medication, you can first talk to your doctor before taking cranberry juice.


Cranberry juice contains many potential benefits. Notably, you should ensure you buy the rea juice and not the cocktails with added sugars. Once you incorporate this juice into your diet, you can have a healthier heart and improved digestive health, protect against UTI, and experience its antioxidant properties, among others. However, some of the effects on certain health conditions still have mixed reactions from studies and research. Also, if you decide to consume this juice, it is important you consult your doctor, especially when taking certain drugs or under some medications.

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