What are some common mistakes (from the foods people eat to the time they have breakfast) that can cause this issue?

Eating whole milk porridge

Do dairy products trouble your stomach upon consumption? If you prepare barley or oats in whole milk, your day may not begin well because dairy digestion results in gas formation. It worsens when a lot is consumed.

Eating sugary and refined carbs

Most individuals wake up to tea or coffee accompanied by carbs, such as, scones, muffins, and bread. The body stores these foods as sugar, which holds water- the same way it does with salt, making you puffy and bloated.

A big cup of smoothie

While people think a smoothie is clean and healthy, drinking a lot of it in the morning can cause drama in your stomach. The smoothie occupies a big space in the stomach and if you use a straw, it promotes air sipping, which accumulates the belly leading to more gas and discomfort.

What are some healthier habits to practice to help reduce bloating?

Avoid excess salt intake

Salt is popular for its long-term health problems when consumed in excess. For example, it can cause high blood pressure. Furthermore, it can cause water retention moments after having a salty meal, leading to bloating. If you want to limit bloating, please limit your salt intake. I always tell my clients to avoid salt shakes and salt at the table at all costs.

Eat slowly

Perhaps time is not on your side and you find yourself scarfing down your meal. I usually discourage faster eating because it increases indigestion and swallowing of air, leading to gas retention. Why not avoid it by eating slowly, which can limit overeating that could cause discomfort?


Exercise carries numerous health benefits, including reduction of gas accumulation that can cause bloating. Simply take a short walk and the gas will reduce.

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